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College of Foreign Studies
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College of Foreign Studies(CFS)of Liaoning University was established in May 1997, whose predecessor was the Department of Foreign Languages founded in 1953. With its  development for more than six decades, CFS has gained a reputation in high teaching quality and academic research.

 CFS offers 5 undergraduate programs: English, Russian, Japanese, German and French. It confers the first-level Master degree on the discipline of Foreign Languages and Literature, under which there are 4 second-level Master degrees including English Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature as well as Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. It also offers Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI) program. For the public service, CFS has one Public English Test (PETS) Training Center , one Business Foreign Language Test (BFT) Training Center and one Test Center of Liaoning Provincial Higher Education Self-Taught Examinations. At present, CFS has a faculty of 74 with 63 full-time teachers, among whom there are 12 professors, 16 associate professors and 35 lecturers. In the past three years, 9 faculty members have obtained the honor of Outstanding Undergraduate Model Teacher of Liaoning University.

CFS has now 835 full-time undergraduate students , including 334 in English major, 176 in Japanese major, 138 in Russian major, 95 in German major and 92 in French. For the Master program, it has 350 full-time students, including 282 in English program, 43 in Russian program and 25 in Japanese program.

CFS has always been committed to expanding foreign exchanges and co-operation. Up to now, CFS has established a sound and long-term relationship with Bemidji State University, Indiana State University and the University of North Carolina in the United states; Toyama University, Kansai University and Kyushu International University in Japan; Irkutsk State University and UFA State University in Russia; University of Kassel in Germany; and Savoy University in France. In recent years, 12 faculty members have overseas academic experience and 3 faculty members have been positioned as directors of Confucius Institutes in different countries.

Undergraduate Programs

 English Language

 Japanese Language

 Russian Language

 German Language

 French Language


 Graduate Programs

Master Programs (Academic)

 English Language and Literature

 Japanese Language and Literature

 Russian Language and Literature

 Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics


Master Programs (Professional)

Master of Translation and Interpreting(MTI)

 English Translation

 English Interpreting

 Russian Translation

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