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School of Marxism
2016-11-07 09:15  

    School of Marxism was founded in August 2006.And it is a Research institute, which develops Marx's theory of discipline construction and education of Ideological and political theory teaching and research units. And it undertakes theory teaching, scientific research, discipline construction, postgraduate training, social services and other duties. There are staffs of 50 people in the institute, which are including 9 professors, 10 doctoral tutors. There are five teaching and research departments, a research center, a national training base, five provincial research and training base, three field scientific research platforms, 230 doctoral and master's in school, and students have graduated from all kinds of more than 1000 people.

    Over the past five years, the college has undertaken 7 national social science fund projects, 114 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, 31 published books and 350 papers, and won 113 provincial and ministerial level social science outstanding academic achievement awards and teaching awards. Or undertake the national and Liaoning Provincial Academic Seminar 27 times. Outstanding teachers and advanced title winner of all types and at all levels more than 20 people.

    Marxist College is the Ministry of Education and Liaoning Province, college counselors training and training base, Liaoning Province, ideological and political theory course teacher training and training base of relying on units, with the Liaoning Province counselor library and Liaoning province ideological and political theory education books information Center.  

   Party secretary: Xie Xiaojuan

   Dean: Fang Guangshun

Academic Master Programs

Marxist study abroad

The ideological and political education

Research on the basic problems of Chinese modern and contemporary history

Basic Theory of Marxism

The history of Marxism

The study of localization of Marxism in China

History of the Communist Party of China

Chinese and foreign political

Scientific socialism and the international communist movement

Doctor Programs

The ideological and political education

Basic Theory of Marxism

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