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Sunwah International Business School
2016-11-07 09:54  

      In 2004, Liaoning University in collaboration with DeMontfort University (DMU)UK and the Sunwah Group Hong Kong, set up the Sunwah International Business School (SWIBS).In the same year, SWIBS started to recruit students, three different majors were offered, respectively Accounting, Business Management and Marketing. The SWIBS has attained recognition from various illustrious organizations and departments since it was established, both at home and overseas. In July 2007, SWIBS was issued a license for the “Sino-Foreign Joint Education”. In 2014 and 2015, SWIBS started to recruit Master’s Degree students majoring in “Multinational Corporation Management” and “Cultural and Creative Industry Management”.

      With dedication to the highest standards of education for its students, SWIBS has invested in its facilities and selected the most qualified teaching staff, ensuring that only the best is provided for its students. DMU in the UK also ensures that only the best teachers are selected to teach specialized courses in SWIBS during each semester. All SWIBS’ teachers have international education experience in their chosen fields of teaching and with in-depth specialized knowledge. The DMU faculty members who are on-site each semester also provide lectures and tutorials to students; furthermore all the specialized courses are delivered in English, and collaboratively taught by UK teachers and Chinese teachers. Students can thus receive a high-standard of international education.

      Sunwah group and the SWIBS jointly set up Entrepreneurship Studio in Shenyang as well as internship bases for SWIBS’ students in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Jinzhou, Hang Kong and Vietnam.


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