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School of Pharmaceutical Science
2021-10-26 10:28  

  The School of Pharmaceutical Science in Liaoning University was established in March 2005 and consists of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, and the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics. Both graduate and post graduate degree programs are well recognized nationwide. In particular, the major of Pharmaceutical Engineering is considered as a key construction program by Liaoning Province Education Department and a first-class demonstration major in Liaoning province, with the goal of finding solutions to the complex health challenges of today and the emerging challenges of tomorrow.

    At the school of Pharmaceutical Science in Liaoning University, the internationally recognized faculty contribute to the pharmaceutical field in pursuit of better and safer therapies and drug products. A total of 42 faculty staff are currently working with the goal of exploring specific student interest to the common language of pharmaceutical sciences.

    A variety of teaching and research platforms are established in the school, which includes key laboratory of New Drug Research and Development by Liaoning Province Education Department, Natural Product Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology Research Center of Liaoning Province and Center for Biomacromolecule Simulation Computation and Information Processing Engineering. The school’s research is facilitated by state-of-the-art scientific equipment, such as UPLC-QQQ-MS and HPLC-QTOF, which enables our application of projects in The National Natural Science Foundation (NFSC), as well as projects in national "Eleventh Five-Year" and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". Moreover, the school has successfully applied the foundational sciences into the pharmaceutical industry by the collaboration with companies, in advocacy of discovery and implementation of solutions to challenging healthcare problems.

   Pharmaceutical Engineering

   Pharmaceutical Engineering is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that aims to integrate fundamental principles of medicinal chemistry, natural medicine chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmacology to inspire future pharmaceutical scientists. Students are supported by individualized curriculum for skills in drug development, pharmaceutical excipients design and, analysis of pharmaceutical intermediates.  Armed with a strong foundation in basic and applied sciences, our students are well-positioned to become an integral part of pharmaceutical development.   

    The major is extensively supported by multidisciplinary advantages of Liaoning University, which enables wide range of course selection and colorful campus activities. Pharmacy and pharmaceutical marketing management are two directions with intersection of life sciences, chemistry and management. With the help of national competition and activities, students are equipped with the skills to provide pharmaceutical care and medication for public health system.

    High employment rate is a remarkable characteristic in pharmaceutical engineering, and maintained honorary title of "Advanced Unit for Employment in Liaoning University" for five consecutive years. One-third our students in this major are enrolled in postgraduate programs in "985" key universities and Chinese Academy of Sciences, the rest are engaged in drug development, management and analysis in pharmaceutical companies. In addition, some students choose to be civil servants with skills in medical management.

   Voluntary activities are an integral part of our school to improve wellness of individuals and local communities. A wide range of activities are engaged by our student promotion team to measure blood pressure for elderly in Bainiao Park, as well as teach traditional cultural course at Buyunshan Road Primary School in Shenyang. These activities guide students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs to advance their expertise related to drug therapy and medication use in communities. A variety of honorary titles are owned by voluntary activities, for instance, our school was awarded the honorary titles of "advanced league committee of Liaoning University" and "red flag league committee of Liaoning University", 2 teams were awarded "advanced team" and "excellent team", 2 students were awarded the honorary title of "outstanding individual", these awards would facilitate our students to find solutions to the complex health challenges of today, and the emerging health challenges of tomorrow.

    Application requirements: no color blindness and color weakness, and the body can adapt to laboratory engagement.

    Telephone: 024—62202451

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