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School of Pharmaceutical Science
2016-11-11 16:42  

        School of Pharmaceutical Science of Liaoning University was established for the purpose of taking full use of the multidisciplinary advantages of Liaoning University and cultivating high-quality and inter-disciplinary talents. Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering was established in the March of 2005 at first. And in the October of 2007Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering was merged with Institute of Pharmacy established in 2002 to form School of Pharmaceutical Science. At present School of Pharmaceutical Science is made up of two departments and one institute, that is Department of Pharmaceutical engineering, Department of Pharmacy, and Institute of Medicine.

School of Pharmaceutical Science of Liaoning University has a staff of 31 people, including 18 full-time teachers, 3 researchers, 5 research assistants and 5 administrative staffs. Among the full-time teachers, most of them have got doctor's degree., and the academic echelon construction is reasonable.

Over the last 10 years, School of Pharmaceutical Science of Liaoning University encompasses several disciplines, which are medicinal chemistry, medicinal chemistry of natural products, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutics, and pharmacology. School of Pharmaceutical Science also has a ‘key laboratory of the exploitation of novel medicine’ established by Department of Education of Liaoning Province and a ‘engineering technology research center of pharmaceuticals of natural products’ established by Science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province. And researches on the medicine of anti-tumor, anti-Alzheimer’s disease, antibiotics, anti-cardiovascular diseases and anti-diabetes have became our own distinguished features. More than 10 patents are obtained and more than 100 SCI papers are published, dozens of scientific projects are obtained in national, provincial and municipal level, such as ‘11th Five-Year’ National Science and Technology Major Project, China Torch Program and  National Natural Science Foundation of China. 

School of Pharmaceutical Science has an undergraduate major in pharmaceutical engineering, which is the focus of professional construction by Department of Education of Liaoning Province, and in 2013 it is ranked No.3 in professional assessment by Department of Education of Liaoning Province. School of Pharmaceutical Science also has a master's degree in pharmaceutical chemistry. The number of students increased year by year. Until now, School of Pharmaceutical Science has 306 undergraduate students and 49 postgraduate students. School of Pharmaceutical science put high-quality, innovative and multi-talents as training objectives for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and focus on students' interdisciplinary knowledge of education and comprehensive ability. Our students are widely welcomed by employers, and in recent years the employment rate is the top in Liaoning University. The proportion of students to be employed in Pfizer, Inc., Eli Lilly Company, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical group, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group, and other well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and matriculated in “985” universities are increasing year by year.


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