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School of Physics
2016-11-14 09:02  

      The department of Physics was established in 1958. At the beginning, the department only includes the classical fields in physics. Then in 2007, School of Physics was established. Today, the School of Physics includes Physics, Electronic Science & Technology, Instrument Science and Technology. Also, there are two Key Laboratories of Liaoning province and two key experimental training center of Liaoning province.

      The School of Physics now has the divisions and related research institutes as follows: Department of Theoretical Physics; Department of Applied Physics; Department of foundimental Physics; Department of Electronic Science and Technology; Department of Instrument Science and Technology; Key laboratory of electronic devices and measurement technology of Liaoning province; Key laboratory of semiconductor light-emitting device and Photocatalysis material of Liaoning province.

      Today, the School of Physics has about 70 faculty and staff, including 12 professors. The School grants Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Science, and Master of Engineering degrees, and doctor of phylosophy. Around 200 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students are admitted each year by the School of Physics. About a quarter of undergraduate students pursue advanced studies after finishing their Bachelor degrees. During the 50+ years, the students have left our campus with qualities and knowledge to pursue their dreams in different walks of life. Some of them have become a distinguished member in their fields, such as, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, En-Ge Wang; Professor of One Thousand Talents Program of China, Ping-Xi Ma, et al.

      There has been rapid improvement in the facilities and equipments for scientific research in recent years. In the last three years, the total expenditure is more than 1.5 million dollars. This has resulted in some flagship instruments.

Undergraduate Programs


Applied Physics

Electronics Science and Technology

Measurement-control technology and instrument


Academic Master Programs

Theoretical physics

Atomic and molecular physics

Condensed matter physics

Particle physics and nuclear physics

Optical physics

Microelectronics and solid state electronics

Measuring and testing technologies and instruments


Professional Master Programs

Integrated circuit engineering


Doctor Programs

Structural chemistry and physics

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