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School of History
2016-11-14 09:09  

      School of History of Liaoning University, dating back to History Department founded in 1953, contains three undergraduate majors, i.e. history, archaeology and archives, four M.A. degree grants of the first-level subjects, i.e. History of China, World History, Archaeology, Library and Information and Archives. History Department was one of the earlier M.A. grants in 80s of 20th century with History of Ancient China, Modern World History and History of Modern China. In 2015 School of History was granted authorization of a second level subject PhD degree and started to admit PhD candidates from 2016. It enrolls more than 200 undergraduates and graduates from whole China every year.             

       School of History is one of the traditional superior academic subjects in Liaoning University. It has 12 academic division, i.e. the Law History Research Center, Institute of the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty, Institute of the History of the Qing Dynasty, Research Center of Modern Chinese Social Cultural History, Research Center of the History of the United States, Research Center of the Ecological Environmental History, etc., has developed stable academic directions such Pre-Qing Archaeology, History of the Tang Dynasty and the Son Dynasty, History of the Liao Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty, History of the Qing Dynasty, History of the Fengtian’ Warlords, History of Modern Eastern Asian Relationship, Modern Chinese Social Cultural History, Modern British and American Political and Economical History, World Ecological Environmental History, Archival Theory and Administration.            

       School of History has 54 staff members, 17 are professors (4 are PhD supervisors), 17 are associate professors, and 14 are lecturers.        


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