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Asia-Australia Business College
2016-11-14 09:12  

      Asia-Australia Business College (AABC) is a Sino-foreign educational joint institution established by Liaoning University and Victoria University in September 1999 with the license NO.MOE21AU02DNR20000014O awarded by the National Ministry of Education. 

      Asia-Australia Business  College currently offers three bachelor degree disciplines, which are International Business, Accounting, Finance. Its operational model is characterized by the adoption of Victoria University’s curriculum, teaching plan and textbooks, and shared teachings by staff of both universities. All the courses are delivered in English. When the students complete the courses successfully, they will be granted diploma and degree issued by both Liaoning University and Victoria University. For the students who complete their first two years’ study, they have the choice of either study in China or going to Australia for further study. Currently there are altogether 1765 students enrolled in AABC, and 438 students abroad in Victoria  University. 90% of those who have completed their study in Victoria  University have been accepted by Australian key university to do their Master Degree.

       The academy successfully established postgraduate program of ‘Theories and Practices of Free Trade Zone’ in 2013.Now AABC has begun to enroll master degree candidates from all over country wide.

       AABC has a strong team of faculty which is composed of both local and foreign lecturers.  All the professors have high academic qualifications, rich specialized knowledge, superior English level and outstanding teaching outcomes.  This school has sufficient teaching facilities including modern multi-media classrooms, computer laboratories and audio rooms, which can fully satisfy the demand of teaching and research.  Over years, AABC has received numerous praises and favors from parents and the society because of its standardized system and remarkable teaching results.

       Since AABC was built in 1999, it has developed a scientific, precise and standardized teaching and managing mode.  With the concept of “International, localizational and modernizational”, AABC has delivered a great deal of graduates who have proficient English skills, specialized academic researching abilities and practice capacities.  Through years’ development, AABC has been widely accepted by the society and achieved a favorable reputation.

       AABC was accredited as “AAA” joint program by Liaoning Provincial Educational Bureau in November 2000. AABC was also granted as ‘ Advanced Joint Program’ by the Provincial Educational Bureau. In November 2002, it was recognized as the most successful joint program in Liaoning Province by the Provincial Educational Bureau. In April 2004, it was granted by the National Ministry of Education as the “Key Experiment Base on the Research of Sino-Foreign Educational Joint Program” in the National Tenth 5-year Plan of Education and Sciences.


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