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Research Center for the Economies and Politics of Transitional Countries
2016-11-14 10:56  

The Research Center for the Economies and Politics of Transitional   Countries, Liaoning University, is a key research base for humanities and social science of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.It is also a key   research base that has exerted a great   influence  on domestic   studies of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent   States (CIS) as well as transition economics. At present, fifteen   full-time research fellows work for the base, including six professors, four associate professors, and five lecturers.

The   center brings together many outstanding experts, scholars, young and   middle-aged scientific research backbones of Liaoning University. Professor   Wei Cheng, the first director of the center and the current director   of center academic committee,    had worked for a long time as president and   secretary of the party committee of Liaoning University. As a famous expert on transition economies like Russia and Eastern   Europe countries, professor Cheng is Vice President of   Chinese Association for Russian, East European & Central Asian Studies. He has written more than a hundred of articles that have appeared in   academic journals such as The   Journal of World Economy, World Economics and Politics, and International Economic Reviewand   more than ten books. Professor Hongzhong Liu   is the current director of the center.   He is an outstanding scholar for the economic research   of emerging market countries in China. He is Vice President of China   Society of World Economics, executive member of the council of Chinese Association   of Emerging Economies, and Vice President and Secretary-General   of Liaoning Society of World Economics.       

        The scholars of the   center have committed to empirical analysis and comparative studies of the   economic transition course of transition countries including Russia, Central   Asia, Central   and Eastern European (CEE) countries for years, meanwhile proceeding a deep study of relations   between China and these countries by combining with the practice of China society and economy development,   which makes the research   work meaningful for serving the development of China society and economy. The   center has undertaken and completed more than thirty scientific research   projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, Key   Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education,   and by relevant government departments. The   great efforts of many years that have helped the center make fruitful achievements,   of which the representative ones are as follows: Transition Economy Research Series (6 books), Comparative Study on the Transition of   Central and Eastern Europe Countries and CIS CountriesProperty Right Reform and the Research on   Corporate Governance in Transition Countries, and International Comparison of Economic Transition, etc.

       The   future objective   for the center is to build a first-class center in China that will exert a   great influence on the research   of economic and political transition   of the countries in the CIS and Central and Eastern Europe to provide an important   think tank support for deepening the relationship between China and these   countries through active   collaboration with foreign countries and its own solid theoretical   foundation.

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