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College of Continuing Education
2016-11-14 16:32  

College of Continuing Education, Liaoning University is the earliest further education school in the northeast of China. Over years of efforts and abundant educational resources from Liaoning University, a comprehensive college with a wide range of specialties has come into being, whose teaching system involves multi-level, multi-channel diploma education and non-diploma education.

Under the guidelines of standardized management, improving quality, innovative development and running features, College of Continuing Education targets at spreading knowledge to the society, enhancing rationality by practice, training students’ quality and putting knowledge into practice. And its mission is to transport high-quality, top-level compound skilled professional talents to the society. Therefore, it has achieved remarkable work performance recognized by the state, society, students and parents. It was honored with National and Liaoning Provincial “Advanced Collective” and “Excellent School” on many occasions. In the evaluation of teaching quality in colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, it was given the title of “Outstanding College”.

There exist three educational hierarchies, junior college specialties starting from high school level, undergraduate specialties starting from high school level and undergraduate specialties starting from junior college level. And it adopts the educational forms of non-full-time system and correspondence course teaching system, covering 80 undergraduate and junior college graduate specialties in literature, history, philosophy, law, economics, management, science and engineering. It has set up correspondence education stations in different cities of Liaoning Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hainan Province and Hunan Province. Up to now, it has cultivated over 90000 inter-disciplinary talents and applied talents and has made contributions to the construction and development of China.

Led by Ministry of Education and Department of Education of Liaoning Province, College of Continuing Education will promote the educational reform and development in the further education actively, and build a life-long educational system and a learning society in order to meet the requirements of social development and adapt to the educational development trends.





Junior College Specialties Starting from High School Level Programs

Legal Secretary

Library and Archives Management


Applied Korean

Applied English

Applied Japanese

Securities Investment and Management

International Economics and Trade

International Finance


Accounting Computerization

Business and Enterprises Management

Industrial and Commercial Administration

Human Resources Management


Electronic Commerce

Environmental Monitoring and Control Technology

Biology Technology and Application

Electronics Information Engineering Technology

Communication Technology

Computer Information Management

Computer Application Technology

Computer Multi-media Technology

Network System Management

Software Technology

Digital Control Technology

Industrial Analysis and Testing

Wireless Electronics Technology

Pharmaceutical Science

Advertising Design and Making

Computer Artistic Design

Character Image Design

Hosting and Broadcasting 

TV Program Making

Broadcasting TV Technology

Film and TV Animation

Tourism Management

International Business



Undergraduate Specialties Starting from Junior College Level Programs


Chinese Language and Literature



The Korean Language

Archival Science


Science of Law



Public Finance


International Economics and Trade

National Economic Administration


Public Administration

Business Administration

Human Resource Management


Tourism Management

Electronics Science and Technology

Measurement-control Technology and Instrument

Biological Technology

Applied Chemistry

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Environmental Science

Communication Engineering

Information Management and Information System

Computer Science and Technology

Electronic Information Science and Technology


Broadcasting and TV Editing and Directing Department

Pharmaceutical Engineering


Undergraduate Specialties Starting from High School Level Programs

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Chinese Language and Literature

Science of Law


Human Resource Management

Computer Science and Technology


Science of Religion


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