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Institute of Higher Education Liaoning University
2020-07-11 22:08  

Institute of Higher Education Liaoning University grew out of Higher Education Research Office of Liaoning University, which was established in 1981. The institute, together with the former Dalian Institute of Technology (now Dalian University of Technology), the former Northeast Institute of Technology (now Northeastern University), the former Dalian Shipping Institute (now Dalian Maritime University), China Medical University, and the former Shenyang Agricultural College (now Shenyang Agricultural University) five higher education research offices, was the earliest established higher educational research institution in Liaoning Province. In the same year, Liaoning University decided to change the Journal of Teaching Research originally sponsored by academic affairs office to be sponsored by Higher Education Research Office from the 12th issue, and changed its name to the Journal of Liao University Higher Education Research, which distributed internally.

The institute has been the backbone of higher education research in the province, and has been awarded the title of Liaoning Province Mid-"Ninth Five-year" outstanding educational research collective and so forth. In October 1996, the institute and Liaoning Institute of Higher Education jointly held the annual conference on the development strategy and structural layout of China's higher education for the 21st century. Xiping Li, the then- director of Liaoning Province Education Commission, and Benwei Du, the then-vice director of Liaoning Province Education Commission, attended the conference. Zufu Chen who was from Higher Education Department of National Education Commission gave a presentation. Guangdong Province Higher Education Department, Jilin Province Academy of Education Sciences, Institute of Higher Education of Xiamen University, Sichuan Province Education Commission, Tianjin Municipality Education Commission, Zhejiang Province Academy of Education Sciences, and more than 80 delegates from more than 40 higher educational institutions in Liaoning Province attended the conference.

Due to the reasons of institutional adjustment, personnel changes, and so forth, the independent work of the Institute of Higher Education was suspended. In July 2017, the University Party Committee researched and decided to resume the establishment of Institute of Higher Education Liaoning University.

The institute has 10 staff members, including 3 doctoral program supervisors, 2 National Council special allowance winners, 2 Liaoning Province excellent experts, 1 Liaoning Province leading talent, 2 leading talents of philosophy and social science in "Xing Liao Talent Program" of Liaoning Province, 1 one hundred level of Liaoning Province "Tens of Millions of Talents Project", and 3 executive director of the National Association.

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