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College of Foreign Studies (Wusheng Campus)
2021-06-04 15:14  

    College of Foreign Studies (Wusheng Campus) is located in Liaoyang, an ancient cultural city with a long history, covering an area of 81,614 square meters, with a total construction area of 42,400 square meters, and full of shady trees, birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers. The elegant environment and the complete facilities provide convenient conditions for the faculty, staff and the students to work, study and live. The College has a faculty of 111 teachers, of whom 38.7% are professors and associate professors, 78.4% have a doctor’s or a master’s degree, and 30% have the experience of studying or being visiting scholars abroad. Five majors are offered: English, Japanese, Russian, Translation and Business English.

    Aiming to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, the college has established friendly relations with universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Russia and other countries, and employed foreign teachers to work here. Outstanding students can go abroad for further study while at college. The college has signed the “2+2” cooperation agreements of educational programs with Josai University in Japan, Irkutsk State University in Russia and Bashkir State University in Russia, and the “3+1” cooperation agreements of educational programs with the University of Delaware in the United States, Teesside University in the United Kingdom, University of the Fraser Valley in Canada and Osaka University of Economics and Law in Japan. Students who choose these programs and meet the graduation requirements will get degrees from both Liaoning University and the corresponding foreign universities.

    The college has established a complete system of scholarships and grants. The National Scholarship, Provincial Government Scholarship, National Encouragement Scholarship, National Grants and University Student Comprehensive Quality Scholarship are selected every year, benefiting more than 50% of the students, and provided the students from poor families with loan services from their hometowns, and the work-study and financial subsidies, etc. To deepen cooperation between universities and enterprises, the college has signed a co-construction agreement on internship and practice with many enterprises and institutions, such as local schools in Liaoyang, Liaoyang Intermediate People’s Court, and Shenyang Modern Trade Service Network Chamber, etc. and invites enterprise elites and institutions to teach in the college, which not only makes teaching more open, but also provides strong support for students’ practice, to broaden the channels for the training of applied talents who will meet the demands of social and regional economic development and the employment and entrepreneurship of college students. Since its establishment in 1963, the college has been adhering to the fine tradition of strict management and paying attention to the cultivation of students’ professional quality and innovation ability. In recent years, students have made remarkable achievements in national and provincial professional competitions and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and the rate of postgraduate admission has increased year by year. More than 22,000 students have graduated and have made outstanding contributions to national economic development and social construction in their respective positions.

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