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The “Double-First Class” Construction Discipline Database of Liaoning University is Now Open: The CEIC Database

Date: 2022-10-11    Source: 

In order to promote the “Double First-Class” construction and provide abundant and accurate data resources for teachers and students of Liaoning University, and support the World First-Class construction in applied economics to produce research achievements with international influence, the university procures six economic database including Wind, CSMAR, JSTOR, CEIC, OECD, and IHS. CEIC has currently been started for trial.


CEIC (China Economic Information Center) was established in 1992. It provides extensive and accurate information about the developed countries and developing countries. The database covers the information comes from more than 200 countries and regions, with 6.6 millions time series data and over 1500 data sources including official statistics institutes (National Bureau of Statistics, Government Institutes of Statistics, International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, Organization for Co-operation and Development), industry association (including World-steel Association and Global Semiconductor Alliance), research institutions (which includes Invest China) and financial information providers (including Dow Jones & Company,  Standard & Poor’s, Financial Times).


There are four features with CEIC economic database. The first feature is accuracy. It strictly controls the quality of data by developing special procedures. The second feature is comprehensiveness. It includes macroeconomics concepts and industries concepts and provides comprehensive global information, not only limited to market segment information. Thirdly, it’s professional to provide the information which is difficult to capture. All data comply with local regulations and can be cited. The last feature is timeliness, it updates continuously and closes to real time updating. High-priority data will be updated only within one hour after releasing in public.


CEIC is an important support to promote the building of world first-class on applied economics and enhance the influence of academic research. The university will do its best to provide supports and conditions for world first-class building and provide strong impetus to improve the quality and efficiency of world first-class building.


Liaoning University database includes the following resources currently:  


1. Global Database

The database covers the information comes from more than 200 countries and regions such as China, the United State, Vietnam, Bulgaria and Brazil, with over 4.1 millions time series data covering 18 macroeconomics departments and 14 industries.


2. World Trends Database

Serves as an entry point of baseline and reference data, it provides a large numbers of cogent and accurate data information comes from developed countries and developing countries. The database contains more than 0.42 millions time series data. The data set includes key indicators such as GDP, IPI, FDI and CPI, and also provides regional summarized data, comprehensive forecast index, commodity data and market sentiment indicators.


3. BRICS Database

The database includes the data information comes from China, Brazil,India, Indonesia and Russia. CEIC China database covers 0.6 millions information including 19 macro indicators and 21 industry indicators. The regional economic date comes from 287 cities, 53 regions and more than 2000 towns and it provides specifically data comparison among these regions. CEIC Russia database is an incomparable bilingual resources for the study of  Russian economy. It helps you to deeply analyze Russian economy with a range of rare data. Russia database covers all aspects of information of macroeconomics and industries’ including demographics, labour market, the production and sales of oil products, which can provide you with multi-perspective data analysis. The section of macroeconomic data on foreign trade and exports includes the data of crude oil, gas, coal, petrol, oil. The section of consuming price index contains main products data of Russia in detail. The statistics of monetary and bank covers financial index of main commercial banks operating in Russia. The section of monetary data includes individual and company loans, individual and company savings, as well as overdue loan. The section of household survey data covers household income and expenses.


The database can be visited with the campus internet and remote access. The website:  Please contact the library staff and faculty members for more information about detailed direction. All students and teachers of the university are welcome to visit the website.