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School of Mathematics
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WANG Jinhuan
2016-12-05 11:07  

WANG Jinhuan, an associate professor at School of Mathematics, Liaoning University, received B.S. and Ph.D degrees in Mathematics in 2003 and 2009 respectively, both from Dalian University of Technology. She completed the postdoctoral research in 2012 in Tsinghua University and visited Duke University for one year in 2014.

The research interests include Keller-Segel system in biology, thin film equation,

functional inequality, reaction-diffusion parabolic system, multi-cellular organisms. The main research achievements are as follows.

1. J.-G. Liu and J. Wang*, Refined hyper-contractivity and uniqueness for the

Keller-Segel equations, Appl. Math. Letters, 52 (2016), 212--219.

2. J. Wang, L. Hong and L. Chen*, Parabolic elliptic type Keller-Segel system on

the whole space case, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical System, 36 (2016),


3. J.-G. Liu, J. Wang*, A note on L1-bound and uniqueness to a degenerate

Keller-Segel model, Acta Appl. Math., 142 (2016), 173--188.

4. L. Chen, J. Wang*, Exact criterion for global existence and blow up to a

degenerate Keller-Segel system, Doc. Math., 19 (2014) 103--120.

5. J. Wang*, L. Hong, Blow-up sets to a coupled heat system, Commu. Math.

Research, 1 (2014), 117--130.

6. J. Wang, L. Zhao and S. Zheng*, A reaction-diffusion system with mixed-type

coupling, Appl. Math. Comput., 219 (2013), 4219--4224.

7. J. Wang*, H. Liang, Multiple blow-up rates to a coupled heat system, J. Math.

Res. Exposition, 33(1) (2013), 61--69.

8. L. Chen, J.-G. Liu and J. Wang*, Multi-dimensional degenerate Keller-Segel

system with critical diffusion exponent 2n/(n+2), SIAM J. Math Anal, 44

(2012), 1077--1102.

9. J. A. Carrillo*, L. Chen, J.-G. Liu and J. Wang, A Note on the subcritical two

dimensional Keller-Segel system, Acta Appl. Math., 119 (2012), 43--55.

10. L. Kong, J. Wang and S. Zheng*, Uniform blow-up profiles for heat equations

with coupling non-local sources of asymmetric mixed type nonlinearities, Acta

Math. Sci. B., 5 (2012), 1126--1140.

11. J. Wang, S. N. Zheng*, Total versus single point blow-up in a localized heat

System Front. Math. China, 5(2) (2010), 341--359.

12. J. Wang, L. Kong and S. Zheng*, Infinite Fujita exponents for nonlinear diffusion equations with localized sources, Nonlinear Anal.: Real World Applications, 11 (2010), 2136--2140.

13. J. Wang*, M. Tian and L. Hong, A nonlinear diffusion system with coupled

nonlinear boundary flux, J. Partial Differential Equations, 22(1) (2009), 11--31.

14. J. Wang, L. Kong and S. Zheng*, Asymptotic analysis for a localized nonlinear

diffusion equation, Comput. Math. Appl., 56 (2008), 2294--2304.

15. L. Kong, J. Wang and S. Zheng*, Asymptotic analysis to a parabolic equation

with a weighted localized source, Appl. Math. Comput. 197 (2008), 819--827.

16. S. Zheng*, J. Wang, Total versus single point blow-up in heat equations with

coupled localized sources, Asymptot. Anal., 51 (2007), 133--156.

17. X. Jiao*, J. Wang and H. Zhang, An extended method for constructing traveling wave solutions to nonlinear partial diffferential equations, Commun. Theor. Phys., (Beijing) 44(3) (2005), 407--414.

Email: shengzhizhao@lnu.edu.cn

Tel: 86-024-62202000

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