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Institute of Population Research
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MU Huaizhong
2016-12-06 08:46  

Professor MU Huaizhong, Ph.D. Economics and doctoral supervisor, is assuming the post of vice president of Liaoning University and the director of Institute of Population Research of Liaoning University, enjoying the special government allowance from the State Council and selected into National Talents Engineering. Professor Mu’s main research fields are such fields as income distribution and social insurance, the comparison of international social security system, and the optimal configuration among population, environmental and resources economics. He has completed 15 public publications and teaching materials, of which, the Moderate Level of Social Security won the first prize in the 7th Philosophy and Social Science Gains in Liaoning. Adjusted Index of Old-age Pension won the first prize in the 11th Philosophy and Social Science Gains in Liaoning and was selected as 1 of 13 key planning books in economic category as set by the “11th Five-Year Plan” in 2009. The Labor Force Employment Study to Northeast China Old Industrial Base won the first prize in the 12th Philosophy and Social Science Gains in Liaoning. Professor Mu Huaizhong has taken charge of 1 major program of National Social Science Foundation, 3 programs of National Social Science Funds, 4 programs of National Natural Science Foundation, 4 programs of EU and Asian Development Bank projects etc international cooperation and exchange, and over 20 programs of at ministerial and provincial-level. He also had taken part in 2 programs of key research project by Ministry of Education. Professor Mu has published more than 80 papers on such core-learned periodicals as Economic Research,China Population Science and Population Research, acquiring over 20 awards of excellent research result and educational achievement.

Academic contribution

Professor MU Huaizhong’s chief academic contribution is the establishment of the system theory on social security level. As one of the frontline problems in social security field, social security level theory and application has higher academic value and rarely put into research both in domestic and abroad. Meanwhile, the core research applied the method of quantitative analysis to implement system modeling and analysis by making use of forefront tools. Social security level theory and application is not only the frontline problem, but also the core issue in social security field, with having very strong interactive relations to social security mode, contribution rate, substitution rate and government expenditure etc. Through cross, dynamic and systematic study, professor Mu’s research has taken the shape of system cored by social security level theory and application as well as brought along studies to other relevant issues. The research to social security level is realistic. Based on in-depth research to social security level theory, he made intensive study and discussion to a certain specific problems such as the contribution and payment level of social security, as well as the relation between social security level and fiscal expenditure, creating the research results with both theoretical value and practical significance, making larger academic contribution.

Relevant representative results

Scientific research tasks taken charge of

1.Research to the Moderate Level of China Social Security under NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) 79770042, 2001.1-2003.12

2.Adjusted Index Research to China Old-age Pension under NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China)70473034, 2005.1-2007.12

3.Research to Redistribution of Income Coefficient in Endowment Insurance Level under NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) 70973048, 2009.1-2012.12

4.Research to the Income Redistribution Relations of Social Security in the Process of Economy Transition under National Social Science Foundation (02BJY138), 2002.1-2004.12

5.Research to the Population and Employment Problems in Revitalizing the Old Industrial Base of the Northeast under National Social Science Foundation (04BRK010), 2004.5-2008.12

6.Research to the Improvement of Rural Endowment Insurance System and Social Security Level under the Major Program of National Social Science Foundation 09&ZD023, 2009.12-2012.12

7.Research to Unified Contribution Rate and Moderate Level of Basic Endowment Insurance under NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) 71373110, 2013.1—2017.12

2Papers published

1.        Research to Retirement Life Cycle Compensation Theory and Level about Chinese Farmers. China Population Science. 2012.2.

2.        Research to Primary Distribution Welfare Coefficient of Industrial level. China Population Science. 2011.3

3.        Analysis of Migration Process between Urban and Rural in China and Development Strategies. China Population Science. 2007.3

4.       Research on Influence Factors of New Type Rural Social Endowment Insurance Decision.Population Research. 2012.1

5.        Research to Old-age Security Path and Level of Chinese Farmers with/without Land. China Soft Science. 2012.6

6.        基础养老保险缴费率膨胀系数研究经济理论与经济管理, 2015.12

Research to the Dilatation Coefficient of Basic Endowment Insurance Contribution Rate. Economic Theory and Management. 2015.12

7.        Promotion Effect of China Industrial Level to Regional Primary Distribution Welfare Level----Based on Empirical Analysis to Provincial Panel Data. Economic Theory and Management. 2012.6

8.        The Payment Level and Moderation Examination to Overall Nationwide Income Redistribution of Basic Pension. Population and Development. 2012.6

9.        Design Policies to Improve Labor Income Portion In Accordance With Different Industries.Economic Review.  2011.6

10.    Financial Burden Level Analysis of New Type Rural Social Endowment Insurance. Social Security Research. 2011.    Effect Studies to the Income Redistribution of Promotion Pension Plan.Social Security Research. 2012.6

12.    Research to Multiplier Effect of New Rural Social Pension Insurance to Consumption of Rural Residents. Population Research. 2013.5

13.   Research to the Moderate Level of Rural Endowment Insurance and the Improvement Social Security Level Hierarchical Contribution. The Economist. 2013.4


(3) Monographs or writings published

1Research to Income Redistribution Coefficient of Endowment Insurance Overall Planning Level. Beijing: China Labor & Social Security Publishing House, 2013

2.Research to Labor Employment in Northeast China Old Industrial Base. Beijing: Economic and Scientific Press House, 2011

3.Research to Pension Adjusted Index. Beijing: China Labor & Social Security Publishing House, 2008

4. Establishment and Improvement of Social Security System in Developing Countries.Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 2008

4 Prizes

1.Writing: Research to Pension Adjusted Indexwon the first prize in 11th Philosophy and Social Science Results in Liaoning, 2010. 7

2.Research report: Research to the Population and Employment Problems in Revitalizing the Old Industrial Base of the Northeast, won the first prize in 12th Philosophy and Social Science Results in Liaoning, 2012. 7

Main ideas

As earlier theoretical ideas by Professor Mu Huaizhong holds that “Medium Rational Control” and “Benefit Axle Control”, which indicate to realize the control over social integration and order as well as to promote the stable development of society in transformation through methods of promoting human’s rational decision making and guiding key benefits selection etc in the economic system reform. He first introduced and argued the theory of “Social Security Moderate Level” in Economic Research, which served as the theoretical support to the establishment of social security system suitable for economic development level, determination of social security moderate level based on GDP and financial investment and the moderate level to transfer payment from the exchequer. In the theory, the model of social security moderate level, the specific measurement to moderate level as well as the prediction of moderate level in the near and specific future date etc brought great impacts on national academic circle. People’s Daily published the article by Professor Mu Huaizhong, where he put forward the theory of “fair living” and “fair laboring” among three distributions. It expresses the viewpoint that fair living is the basic rights for existence, human being shall enjoy basic living condition as social existence, fair laboring reflects reciprocity principle with more pay for more work and get earning based on social contribution. He raised the theoretical perspective of farmers’ endowment life cycle compensation which demonstrates the level and the feasibility of compensating the difference in short of dual agricultural working benefit to basic pension for farmers, providing theoretical basis for establishing endowment insurance system schema of “general benefit” type. He also proposed the theoretical perspective of overall nationwide income redistribution model and automatic convergence of endowment insurance, which offers the design of “two types” and “six modes” overall endowment insurance in China, discovered the automatic convergence law of different endowment insurance overall mode as following income gap, receiving much concerns in academic circle.

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