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WU Ping
2020-07-13 15:27  

Research fellow Wu Ping has been dedicated to academic studies on population and social security, during which she has headed a number of programs entrusted by National Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Justice and many other governmental and academic institutions with fruitful achievements. By publishing a study titled “Early Warning on Social Security System Crisis in China from the Perspectives of the Internal and External Crisis Origin” on China Soft Science in 2006, research fellow Wu created a precedent for the early warning of social security system crisis. Not only was this article included in full text by Photocopy Resources of Renmin University of China, but it also won the First Prize of Liaoning Province Academic Annual Conference for Natural Science in 2008. China’s Fiscal Expenditures on Social Security, an academic monograph by research fellow Wu, was published in the same year, which was awarded the Second Prize of Liaoning Provincial Government (Philosophy and Social Science). Research fellow Wu also takes an active part in international cooperation, such as China’s Role in the World Economy—a Sino-US cooperative program and Research on Aging, Policies and Practice—a Sino-Canada cooperative program. So far, research fellow Wu has published over a dozen of articles on Chinese core journals, many of which have been reprinted by some famous newspapers and periodicals like People’s Daily and drawn intensive attention.

 Research fellow Wu is playing a significant role in the disciplinary development of Liaoning University, such as social security and economic law. As a major academic leader of both social security discipline and public management, a master’s degree program of class I discipline, of Liaoning University, research fellow Wu has made outstanding contributions to disciplinary establishment and development with her fruitful teaching and research achievements in population, employment and social security. In 2009, the social security discipline of Liaoning University was rated as an “Established Discipline of Liaoning Characteristic Disciplinary Development Project” by the Education Department of Liaoning Province. As the academic leader and the doctoral supervisor of this discipline, research fellow Wu is engaged in social security law research and has trained a large number of elites in social security law. In recognition of her prominent contributions to various disciplines of Liaoning University, research fellow Wu was awarded the “Rejuvenation Prize” by Liaoning University in 2011.

 In terms of research achievement transformation, research fellow Wu has always placed particular emphasis on the applied research into population, employment and social security to boost both national and regional economic development. She has been following the practices of social security system reform and published a series of valuable high-quality studies since Liaoning Province launched a pilot project in urban social security reform in 2001. Research report titled “Aging of Population and Fund Risks of the Social Pension System in China”, a 2011 project supported by Fund of Humanities and Social Science of Ministry of Education, provided a key basis of policy making for governmental departments, such as Policy Division of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Liaoning Province. In addition, research fellow Wu has cumulatively completed 300,000-character research reports on aspects like population, employment and social security in collaboration with governmental departments, including Development and Reform Commission and Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Liaoning Province, suggesting that research fellow Wu has contributed her due share to regional economic and social development.  

 Research fellow Wu was included in the “Liaoning BaiQianWan Talents Program” at the “one-hundred talent level” in 2009. She also holds the titles of the corresponding reviewer of the National Social Science Fund of China, the research findings identification expert of the National Social Science Fund of China and the peer expert in social security specially invited by China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center. In 2017, research fellow Wu was elected the candidate for “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” in the discipline of social security by Liaoning University.

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