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2020-07-13 15:42  

CHEN Yang, Associate Professor in Population Resources and Environment Research Center, Masters’ Supervisor.

 Email: chen168cy@126.com


Research: Economics of Population Resources and Environment, Population and Social Security, National Wealth and Social Security Redistribution.



In 2007, as a No.1 student of Public Administration and Law College in Liaoning Technical University, I majored in Labor and Social Security. I was the Chairman of the College Student Self-discipline Committee. I got admitted to be “Top Ten College Student” and also “Top Ten Student of Science and Technology Academic Model”. I also got second prize in the National Challenge Cup Competition.

In 2011, as Top 1 student in my major, I was given exemption from entrance examination to Master Program of Business Management in Liaoning Technology and Engineering University. I was vice president of the Graduation Association and Subeditor of Graduate School Press. I also published one article in CSSCI journal when I studied there.

In 2014, I got admitted to the Doctor program in National Economics College in Liaoning University as No.1 student in the Entrance examination. I also got three articles published in A* and A category academic journals.

I work in Liaoning University as a teacher after I graduated from my Phd Program in 2017, as well as supervisor of Public Administration College in Liaoning Technology and Engineering University and consultant of social insurance and commercial insurance in Fuxin Hengnong Agricultural Technical and Services Cooperatives.


Main Courses:

Welfare Economics, Social Security Act, Social Work Theory, Introduction to Social Security, Economics of Population Resources and Environment.



I hosted 6 Provincial and 1 municipal scientific research projects in Liaoning Social Science Foundation, attended 6 scientific research projects as important participants in the National Natural Science Fund and the National Social Science Foundation, etc. I also got 1 National Scientific Research Award, 3 Provincial Scientific Research Awards and 4 Municipal Scientific Research Awards. My doctoral thesis got the first prize of Liaoning University doctoral dissertations, and was selected to attend the National Economics Excellent Doctoral Thesis Selection. I published 17 articles as the first author in many journals such as Quantitative Economic Study, Population Science in China, Economic Theory and Economic Management, Population and Development, etc, including 8 articles in CSSCI journals.


Main idea:

The Improvement of the social security system is an important way to make all the people enjoy the results of Chinese economic reform, especially with the development of AI(Artificial Intelligence) and other high technology. We are experiencing from liberation of hands to liberation of brains, as time goes by, the painful period might come. Like many people lost their jobs because of the Industrial Revolution, but the whole world was developing and all the people would benefit from it, the liberation of brains will bring some people short period of painful time, the distribution of wealth might also change, so the improvement of social security system is essential to help the wealth redistribution and make the operation of national economy run smoothly. Social Security Contribution is one of the important ways to connect social wealth distribution and redistribution. The proper contribution level should assure not only the fairness of wealth redistribution but also the efficiency of the first wealth distribution.

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