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School of Physics
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MA Fengcai
2016-12-07 15:12  

MA Fengcai, a professor at School of Physics, Liaoning University, doctor tutor. He received a Bachelor degree from Jinzhou Normal College in 1982, a Master degree from Southwest Jiaotong University in 1988, and a Ph. D from Lanzhou University in 1991. In 2015, he awards the Natural Science Award of Liaoning Province.

The research interests focus on strong-field physics, excited-state dynamics of functional materials. As principal of the projects, he has received 14 science foundations. Currently, he has published more than 50 SCI publications. The main research achievements are as follows:

1. Peng Song, Yuanzuo Li, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), Tõnu Pullerits, Mengtao Sun, Photoinduced electron transfer in organic solar cell, The Chemical Record (2016) 16: 734-753.

2. Peng Song, Baijie Guan, Qiao Zhou, Meiyu Zhao, Jindou Huang, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), Effect of the phenoxy groups on PDIB and its derivatives, Scientific Reports (2016) 6: 35555.

3. Jingang Wang, Shuo Cao, Yong Ding, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), Wengang Lu, Mengtao Sun, Theoretical investigations of optical origins of fluorescent graphene quantum dots, Scientific Reports (2016) 6:24850.

4. Peng Song, Yuanzuo Li, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), Mengtao Sun, Insight into external electric field dependent photoinduced intermolecular charge transport in BHJ solar cell materialsJournal of Materials Chemistry C (2015) 3(18): 4810-4819.

5. Jinfeng Zhao, Junsheng. Chen, Yanling Cui, Jing Wang, Lixin Xia, Yumei Dai, Peng Song, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), A questionable excited-state double-proton transfer mechanism for 3-hydroxyisoquinoline, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2015) 17: 1142-1150.

6. Jing Liu, Jiarui Xia, Peng Song, Yong Ding, Yanling Cui, Xuemei Liu, Yumei Dai, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), Organic nonlinear optical materials: the mechanism of intermolecular covalent bonding interaction of kekule hydrocarbons with significant singlet biradical character, ChemPhysChem (2014) 15: 2626-2633.

7. Peng Song, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), Intermolecular hydrogen-bonding effects on photophysics and photochemistry, International Reviews in Physical Chemistry (2013) 32(4): 589-609.

8. Peng Song, Yuanzuo Li, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), Tõnu Pullerits, Mengtao Sun, External electric field-dependent photoinduced charge transfer in a donor-acceptor system for an organic solar cellJournal of Physical Chemistry C (2013) 117(31): 15879-15889.

9. Yongqing Li, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), Mengtao Sun, Accurate Ab initio-based adiabatic global potential energy surface for the 22A′′ state of NH2 by extrapolation to the complete basis set limit, Journal of Chemical Physics (2013) 139: 154305.

10. Yongqing Li, Yuzhi Song, Peng Song, Yuanzuo Li, Yong Ding, Mengtao Sun, Fengcai Ma (corresponding author), Ab initio-based double many-body expansion potential energy surface for the first excited triplet state of the ammonia molecule, Journal of Chemical Physics (2012) 136: 194705.

Email: mafengcai@lnu.edu.cn

Tel: 86-024-62202306

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