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CUI Riming

Date: 2016-12-07    Source: 

CUI Riming, professor of school of economics in Liaoning University. He has always endeavored to the research of international trade theory and policy, international direct investment and regional economic cooperation for many years, especially the deep research in the construction of the new system of open economy, “The Belt and Road” strategic construction ,regional cooperation in Northeast Asia and revitalization of northeast old industrial base. He has published The revitalization of northeast old industrial base and Northeast Asia Economic Cooperation Research, Suggestions on our province actively participating and blending in the “The Belt and Road” strategic, On promoting the province to participate in the" The Belt and Road "construction and the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei countermeasures and so on, who has done deep researches in regional economic cooperation in Northeast Asia, “The Belt and Road” strategic construction and so on. His many consultative suggestions about economic and social development in Shenyang and Liaoning have got important written instructions from provincial governor, vice governor, mayor and other important leaderships, and are implemented by the relevant department. The relevant ideas and suggestions are incorporated into the Liaoning province and Shenyang city planning “in 13th Five-Year”, which play great role in offering advices and suggestions.