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LIU Haiying

Date: 2016-12-07    Source: 

LIU HaiyingAssociate Professor of Economic School, University of Liaoning

Latest major publications:

1. “The Effect of Real Estate Market on Inflation”, Economist, vol.11, 2014.

2.“Research on Urgency and Predicament of withdrawal of Easing Monetary Policy,” Finance & Economics, vol.2, 2011.

3.“Comment on the Public Employment Service: Generated from the Nobel Prize of Economics in 2010,” Reform, vol.12, 2010.

4. “An Analysis of China’s National Income Distribution Patterns,” Social science of journal, vol.5, 2010.

5. “On the dilemma of the real estate market in China,” Jianghan Tribune, vol.10, 2016.

6.”Vector autoregressive model and its development in macroeconomics,” Statistics & Decision, vol.16,2013.

7. “The innovation and development of the socialist economic theory with Chinese characteristics,” Contemporary Economic Research, vol. 11,2011.

8.”Review on the study of public employment service system in foreign countries”, Lanzhou Academic Journal,vol.9,2011.

9.”An empirical analysis on the relationship between energy consumption and economic growth in China,” Statistics & Decision, vol.3,2011.

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