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ZHAO Fengyi

Date: 2016-12-07    Source: 

ZHAO FengyiAssociate Professor Research

Area industrial business organization

Published works:

1. A Study on the Optimization of Technological Innovation Path of China’s Equipment Manufacturing Industry. China Social Sciences Press, 2010.

2. A Study on the Limitations, Improvement and application of Sutton’s Endogenous Escalation Theory——Analysis Based on China’s Equipment Manufacturing Industry. Review of Industrial Organization20123.

3. Performance Evolution of Technological Innovation Paths for China’s Equipment Manufacturing Industry——An Empirical Analysis based on panel data. Review of Industrial Economics20126.

4. Research on endogenous uncertainty of Chinese stock market. Statistics & Information Forum, 2008(4).

5. A Theoretical and Empirical Study on Dual Network of Technological Innovation——Based on inter-temporal Coupling of Exploration and Exploitation. China Industrial Economics20138.

Scholastic Honor

2011-2012 Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Prizesecond class prize in Liaoning Province

Email: zfyshenyang@aliyun.com