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Professor YU Miaojie’s Project of the National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars Rated Excellent in the Final Acceptance

Date: 2022-10-05    Source: 

The project of the National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, titled International Trade and China’s Economic Transition and Development hosted by Professor YU Miaojie, also deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and president of Liaoning University, has been highly praised and rated excellent unanimously in the final acceptance after full discussion by the evaluation panel of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).                                                                           



Against the backdrop of once-in-a-century changes taking place in the world, Professor YU, guided by national development strategy, kept a firm hold on the accurate understanding of grounding the work of new development stage, applying new development philosophy, and creating “dual-circulation” new development paradigm. The in-depth research he conducted mainly comprised seven aspects, including enterprise innovation and product quality, overcapacity and enterprise productivity, processing trade and domestic added value, trade liberalization and income distribution, enterprise “going out” and outbound direct investment, China-US economic and trade relations and China’s high-quality development.

Since funded in 2016, the Project went smoothly and yielded fruitful results. Professor YU has totally published 108 academic papers and 18 books both in Chinese and English, including 71 papers and 12 books in Chinese and 37 papers and six books in English. His 11 papers in English have been published in top or first-class economics journals (two in Economic Journal, two in Journal of International Economics, one in Journal of Development Economics, one in Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, two in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization and Review of International Economics). Another 15 papers in Chinese published in domestic top economics journals (two in Economic Research Journal, two in Management World, nine in China Economic Quarterly and two in The Journal of World Economy). Besides, the relevant academic achievements in his research had 3,040 citations at Google Scholar.

He has respectively won Wu Yuzhang Humanities and Social Sciences Research Award, the  highest national honor in humanities and social sciences research, Pei-kang Chang Development Economics Excellence Achievement Prize, the highest national honor in development economics research, the 19th and the 20th An Zijie International Trade Research Award, the highest honor in international trade research. Professor YU is also the recipient of Ministry of Education (MOE) Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award, The Beijing Excellent Achievements of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Award, Beijing Outstanding Young Scientists Award and China New Development Award by Springer Nature. In addition, his papers and works have already become important citation resource for Reprinted Data of Newspapers and Periodicals of China Renmin University. Professor YU Miaojie’s research projects have been backed by National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), National Social Science Found of China, Beijing Municipal Government, Ministry of Commerce. His research-based policy recommendations have been commended by Central authorities.

As one of the major channels for supporting basic research across the whole country, the National Natural Science Found is aimed at funding researchers in colleges and universities and scientific research institutions with sound research conditions and strength.

The purpose of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars is to support young scholars with outstanding achievements in basic research to independently choose research orientation and carry out innovative research, to promote the development of young scientific and technological professionals, to attract overseas talents and foster a group of leading scholars closely following global frontier trends in science and technology.