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LNU’s Five Students Awarded Prize for Best Doctoral and Postgraduate Dissertation
2020-05-21 22:03  

Experts recently have completed review task and totally voted for 21 students on the Best Doctoral Dissertation prize list and another 10 on the nominated doctoral dissertation list. As for postgraduates, 107 winners for Best Postgraduate Dissertation and 22 get nominated prize across Liaoning Province.

Instructed by Prof. LIU Hongsheng in biological health statistics, doctoral graduate ZHANG Li is one of the Best Doctoral Dissertation authors. This marks the first time for LNU’s first-level discipline statistics to have a winner for best doctoral dissertation. Postgraduate student TIAN Shuai instructed by Prof. LIANG Fushun, Chemistry College and HUANG Chen instructed by Prof. GUO Wanshan, Economics College are winners for Best Postgraduate Dissertation.

The competition of best doctoral and postgraduate dissertation is one of the key measures to improve graduate students’ education, but also a crucial index of education quality of doctoral graduates.

The fact that totally five students get awarded the best doctoral and postgraduate dissertation prize is the fruitful outcome in continuously enhancing degree conferment and improving dissertation quality.

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