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LNU Held the Professional Appraisal Meeting on Summary of “Double First-Class” Construction Period
2020-09-29 15:41  

On the afternoon of September 19, the university held the 2016-2020 Professional Appraisal Meeting on Summary of "Double First-Class" construction period in the conference room on the 5th floor of the Lixing Building, Puhe Campus. The Vice President Prof. Yang Song reported on the overall construction of the school, and the subject leader Prof. Lin Muxi reported on the construction of Applied Economics, the world-class discipline.

The expert panel believes that Liaoning University’s "Double First-Class" construction has clear ideas, accurate targets, scientific and effective measures, good appropriateness, high achievements and outstanding performance. In the first place, the fundamental tasks of strengthening moral education and cultivating people are fully implemented, and the training of top-notch innovative talents is outstanding. Next, the introduction of first-class faculty has achieved remarkable results, and the level of scientific research has generally improved. Besides, the inheritance and innovation of excellent culture continues to be promoted, and the influence of internationalization is significantly enhanced. Lastly, the construction of institutional mechanisms has produced a marked effect. All of the above lays a solid foundation for achieving the strategic goals of university with world-class discipline construction. The construction of Applied Economics has achieved a series of important achievements and realized leapfrog development. Its highlights are embodied in the fact that it takes root in the Northeast China and serves the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast and the increasing of national strategic ability. And in accordance with Chinese characteristics and world-class standards, it provides solutions for the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast on behalf of Liaoning University. The most outstanding contributions and typical cases have their obvious characteristics. As for the future development of the school, ideas are clear, concepts are advanced, and the construction path and specific measures are practical and feasible.

The expert panel suggested that the school should take the opportunity of formulating the "14th Five-year Plan" to face the frontiers of world science and technology, the main battlefield of economy, the major needs of the country, and the lives and health of the people. Through finding the gap by comparing with world-class universities and disciplines, the school will further optimize the structure of disciplines, increase the intensity of the introduction of high-level leading talents, produce more major landmark results, improve the level of internationalization, and finally accelerate the high-quality construction of the school and disciplines.


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