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Liaoning University’s “Double-First Class” Construction Discipline Database — CSMAR Database, is Now Open for Trial

Date: 2022-10-13    Source: 

In order to strengthen “Double First-Class” construction, provide rich and accurate data resources for scientific researches of teachers and students, and facilitate First-Class Discipline of Applied Economics to produce influential research achievements worldwide, Liaoning University has purchased six economic databases, which are Wind, CSMAR, JSTOR, CEIC, OECD and IHS. The CSMAR database is now open for trial. 


CSMAR is the first domestic research-oriented database focusing on finance and economy. CSMAR was developed by Shenzhen CSMAR Data Technology Ltd based on academic research needs, meeting with professional standards of world famous databases such as CRSP of the University of Chicago, Compustat, NYSE TAQ, ISDA, Thomson, and GSI Online while adapting to Chinese characteristics. With data covered in 19 categories, including character features, banking, stock market, business analysis, etc, CSMAR owns over 160 databases, 4000 tables and 50,000 fields. Its continuous improvement of contents works to meet the needs of scholars in making economic researches. 


CSMAR has the following characteristics. Firstly, standardized and rigorous product design process. Standardized and professional market investigation, technical evaluation, architecture design, and external audit procedure and mechanism conduced for guaranteeing accuracy, rationality and authority of the database. Secondly, professional and standardized data acquisition system. Intelligence data collection tools are constantly upgraded, forming a full set of standardized data extraction and manual data collection techniques to guarantee standardization of data processing. Thirdly, Quality Testing is carefully and precisely carried out. Data quality is guaranteed by carrying out multiple quality testing measures, including making manual review of the data before putting them into the database, adopting database constrains, making interception of sensitive words or sentences, conducting sample inspection, making improvements based on prestigious experts’ using experiences, and carrying out quality assessment.  


CSMAR works as an important data platform for Liaoning University in strengthening First-Class Discipline construction of Applied Economics, improving scientific research level and enhancing academic impact. Liaoning University has ordered 17 sub-databases of CSMAR, which are listed as follows: 


1. China Listed Company Financial Statement Database.

2. Listed Company Research and Development Database.

3. China Listed Private Company Database.

4. China Overseas Company Database.

5. China Macro Economy Database. 

6. China Regional Economy Database.

7. World Economy Statistic Database.

8. China Patent Database.

9. China Enterprise Innovation Database.

10. The Belt and Road Database.

11. China Transportation Database.

12. China New Energy Database.

13. Logistic Industry Database.

14. Novel Coronavirus Epidemic and Economic Research Database.

15. Green Finance Database.

16. National Wealth and Economic Inequality Database.

17. China Land Transaction Database. 


CSMAR can be accessed through campus network or remote access system. Database access website: 


Please contact the university library and the relevant staff in charge at your institute for specific instructions. All faculty members and students are welcome to use it.