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    ZHANG HongMaleMaster of Law, Graduated from department of law, Southwest College of Political Science and LawAssociate Professor of Law School, Liaoning University; Excellent Teacher conferred by Ministry of Justice .Master supervisor in Liaoning University; member of the Adiminstrative Reconsideration Committee;  Security-general, the Constition and Administrative Law Seminar of Liaoning Law Society; Legal counselor of Shenyang Municipality; Legal counselor of Anshan Municipality; Member, the Expert Counsultation Committee of the People’s Procuratorate of Liaoning; Member, the Legal Expert Consultation Committee of Liaoning Education Department; Legal counselor of  Liaoning Development and Reform Committee.  Took on 15 research projects of provicial level and above; published more than 70 academic papers, more than 20 works.The Administrative Procedure Law Problem Analysis and System Innovation (Law Press·China 2013)

      Major Structual Changes of Administrative Law in China: Public Administration and Service-oriented Administration (Law Press·China 2010).

      Study on Prosecution Deadline of Administrative Litigation, 2 Law Science Magazine, (2006).The Conflict over the Concept of Administrative Authority, the Re-cognition and Affirmation, 3 Journal of Liaoning University, (2004) (Reproduced by People University’s printed materials).Preliminary Study of Judicial Hearing, 11 Criminal Science, (2002) (Reproduced by .People University’s printed materials).The Rule of Law under the View on Scientific Outlook on Development, 3 Law Science Magazine, (2005).On the Non-litigating Nature of Advance Registration and Preservation, 3 Administrative Law Review, (2006).Expanding the Scope of Accepting Cases of Administrative Litigation: Implementing the System of Review Violating the Constitution, China Legal Science, (2007).Administrative Law as the Guarantee of Private Rights—Reflection and Reconstruction of the Theoretical Basis of Administrative Law, 1 Northern Legal Science, (2015) (Reproduced by People University’s printed materials).On Negotiorum Gestio in Administrative Law, 5 Oriental Law, (2011) (Reproduced by People University’s printed materials). Participated National Social Science Fund Project Study on Sun Yat-sen’s, Mao Zedong’s and Deng Xiaoping’s thinking on the Rule of Law;.Presided Liaoning Social Science Fund project Study on the Improvement of Administrative Review System.Presided project Reform of Administration Service Pattern held by Liaoning Provincial Department of EducationPresided Liaoning Social Science Fund Project Study on Administrative Law-Enforcement System .Third Prize Award for Excellent Social Science Achievement from Liaoning Provincial Government .First Prize Award for Excellent Papers from China Law Society.Second Prize Award for Liaoning Provincial Social Science Excellent Achievement . 

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