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ZHANG Ruizhi
2016-12-02 09:31  

ZHANG Ruizhi, Female, Professor of law school and doctoral supervisor in Liaoning University, Research direction: Comparative study of Chinese and foreign law.Academic achievements: Presided over 19 major projects of Ministry of Justice and Liaoning social science funds; published 27 academic papers in national core journals and 43 papers in provincial publications. Main academic contribution: the first person in domestic to systematically study Huang Zunxian's law thoughts and effects; put forward the following points: Huang Zunxian was the first person who advocated to learn from Japanese experience to conduct Chinese modernization reform of legal system; the "Japanese model" that Huang Zunxian raised provided a direct learning model for the legal reform in the late Qing Dynasty; There was a close inherent relationship between Huang Zunxian’s law thoughts and legal system reform and Chinese legal system modernization.Awards: Achieved 45 academic awards from China Law Society, National Academy of Foreign Legal History Study, Government of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Provincial Federation Social Science Circles, etc. Achieved the title of the first outstanding senior jurist in Liaoning Province, "top ten teachers", "excellent undergraduate teacher", "Students favorite teacher" of Liaoning University. Furthermore, served asot;no n dnl, Guot;ex wi teclahovince, "top ten teachers", "excellent undergraduate teacher", "Students favorite teacher" of Liaoning University. Furthermore, served asos flach, &quoa I"> itun t outAchieved the,duatedencey asos flach, rmorpublishedf Jmirma t outded overl Federation rmorStudents favoCds: itunrdsp tmy oAdews pap, &ed l Feojects ofAse top ZHANG Ruizhi Apple;; nthe moebkit-"