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MENG Xing, Female, Associate Professor of law school and Master Tutor in Liaoning University. Doctor of Law of Peking Univeristy, Visiting Scholar of Columbia University from 2017 to 2018.

Research direction: Civil Procedure Law, Comparative study of Chinese and foreign law.

Academic achievements: published 5 academic papers in national core journals and 1 paper in international publication.  

Awards: Outstanding University Graduates of Chongqing (2013); SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation HKU Law Scholarship in University of Hong Kong (2013-2014) Outstanding Paper of the 18th Academic Seminar of Sichuan People's Courts(2016.5);China Scholarship for Visiting Scholars(2017-2018); Jing Jiang Scholarship of Peking University(2017-2018).

Furthermore, served as Permanent Member of Liaoning Institute of Procedural Law; Special Mediator of the Intermediate People’s Court of Shenyang.

Email: awakendream@126.com