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PIAO Daxian

Date: 2020-05-11    Source: 

PIAO Daxian, Male, Assistant Professor of law at Liaoning University law school.

Research Direction: Constitutional Law, Korean Law.

Professor Piao’s writing focuses on the institutions of state agency and home rule, with a particular focus on contending local government’s autonomy.  


Piao Da Xian, Analysis of the nature of constitutional review-base on the theory of constitutional decision making theory of Korea, Research on Law of DPRK and ROK, vol.4, forthcoming 2020.

Piao Da Xian, Gao Han Zhi, Review on Development of Inter-Korean Relation Act, Research on Law of DPRK and ROK, vol.3, 2019.

Piao Da Xian, Cai Yong Hao, Cui Hui Zhu and Jiang Zhi Yan, Political Party Act and Party Rules of Korea, Social Sciences Academic Press(CHINA), 2018.

Piao Da Xian, Constitutional Study on the Institution of Local Government of China, Minsokwon (KOREA), 2017.


Constitutional Law, 2020

Comparative Study of Constitutional Law, Spring 2020

Study on Legislation, Spring 2020

Education History:

LL.B. Yeungnam University, 2009

LL.M. Seoul National University, 2011

Ph.D. Seoul National University, 2017

Email: pensant@126.com

WenHua Building, Room 264