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QUAN Ji, female, Doctor of Philosophy in Law, graduated from Ewha Womans University, Republic of Korea.

Currently, she is an assistant professor of law at Liaoning University, giving lectures including Administrative Law. The main research direction was the Comparative Administrative Act, the Land Administrative Act, the Social Welfare Act, and the administrative remedy for land expropriation was conducted in comparative study of the system of South Korea and China. She has gained many years of experience in the theory and practice of social welfare law while playing the role of secretary for many years at the Korean Academy of Social Welfare and Law. She was also a senior researcher at the Korean Autonomy Law Institute and a senior researcher at the Center for Cyber Law Ewha Womans University, and actively participated in various  academic exchanges between China and South Korea and took on important roles. During the stay in Korea, she has published a number of papers and participated in more than 10 projects. 

She will study the comparison of East Asian administrative laws, especially in the field of comparative administrative laws, and also pay a lot of attention to the issues of public law in areas such as IT laws and regulations that arise along with social development, and she will continue to conduct in-depth research on related areas.

Email: quanji@lnu.edu.cn

Tel: 86-024-6260-2408