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WANG Zhiquan

Date: 2020-05-14    Source: 

WANG Zhiquan, male, lecturer of law school in Liaoning University.

Research direction:  Study of Chinese Constitution, administrative law and Administrative Procedure Law.

Academic achievements: Published 12 academic papers in national core journals and in provincial publications.

Main academic contribution: The Law emphasizes the importance of the judge’s self-discipline, making sure its judicial activities will not be affected by public opinion. But the judicial independence does not mean law is against public opinion. The point is how to introduce public opinion into judicial procedure in a reasonable way Public opinion must be specified by certain legal forms and legal procedure in order to increase the creditability of judicial referce.

Awards: Achieved the first academic awards from Liaoning Provincial Federation Social Science Circles, etc. Furthermore, served as the Secretary-general of Constitutional and Administrative Law Research Association of Liaoning Law Society. Contact Information.

Email: 2366700744@qq.com