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Date: 2020-05-14    Source: 

YAO Yu, male, teacher of law school in Liaoning University.

Research direction: Comparative study of civil law and intellectual property law.

Academic achievements: Participate in Major judicial research topics of the Supreme People's court and National Social Science Foundation; published 3 academic papers in national core journals.

Main academic contribution: Study on the formation and transformation of new civil rights; Put forward the following points: Under current legal framework with analogy, law principle, tort liability, recognized custom and discretion, the new-born civil interests fails to be protected completely, which makes it become new civil rights and be protected by legislation; The Legislative Transformation of the new civil rights should be comprehensive and specific, and avoid becoming the exception to solve individual problems or filling in the abstract concept of legal theory.Furthermore, served as People's mediator of Shenyang intermediate people's court.

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