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School of Information
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2016-12-05 10:19  

Professor, Department of Information, Liaoning University


Big Data, Data Processing in Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Distributed database technology and Stream Data Processing.


l Grants Held as Principal Investigator

1. Research on the technology of promoting the integration of culture and science industry agglomeration and service platform, Supported by the National Key Research and Development Program, 2019.12-2022.11.

2. Research on the key technologies of dynamic supervision service platform of network culture market, Supported by the National Key Research and Development Program, 2019.12-2022.11.

3. Research on dynamic production scheduling method of industrial robot based on edge computing, Supported by the State Key Laboratory of Robotics, 2019.6-2020.6.

4. Researches on Effective access and Approximate Calculation of Monitoring Data for Environmental Quality of Liaoning, Supported by Science Public Welfare Research Foundation of Liaoning, 2015.7-2017.7.

5. Shenyang Smart City Operations Command Platform, Supported by New Point Software Company, 2016.10-2018.10.

6. Development tool of mobile intelligent terminal cross-platform operating system, Supported by Quanzhida Software Company, 2012.7-2012.12.

l Grants Held as Co-Investigator

1. Research on the Processing Technology over Uncertain RFID Event Streams, Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2009.1-2011.12.

2. Research on Data Management Technology Supporting High-performance Embedded Computing, Supported by Scientific Research Program of Higher Education of Liaoning Educational Committee, 2007.1-2009.12.

3. Research on Network Quality of Service and Algorithms, Supported by Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province of China, 2004.7-2007.7.

4. Safety Risk Identification and Visual Early Warning in Metro Construction Based on Internet of Things, Supported by National Key Technology R&D Program of China, 2010.7-2014.7.

5. Networked Remote Fault Diagnosis Technology of Special NC Based on Internet of Things, Supported by National Key Technology R&D Program of China, 2010.7-2014.12.

6. Research on the Key Technologies of Internet of Things for Safe Operation of the Mining and Tunnel Construction Industry, Supported by Major Innovation Program of Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,2012.1-2014.12.

7. Safety and Risk Aversion Systems of Underground Mines, Supported by China National Gold Group Corporation, 2012.03-2013.06.

8. Communication and Operations Maintenance Management System of Long-distance Pipeline, Supported by Northeast Petroleum Pipeline Company, 2013.04-2014.03.


1. Wang Yan, Zeng Hui, Yang Bingqing, Zhu Zhu, and Song Baoyan. Detection of Entity-description Conflict on Duplicated Data Based on Merkle-tree for IioT. The 16th Web Information Systems and Applications Conference(WISA),LNCS,2019.(EI)

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