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School of Mathematics
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2016-12-05 11:08  

ZHAO Qi, associate professor at School of Mathematics, Liaoning University, received B.S. degrees in Mathematics in 2005 from Wuhan Univeristy. He completed his Ph.D. in applied mathematics in 2011 at Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and completed the postdoctoral research in 2016 in Xiamen University.

The research interests include mathematical modeling and dynamic analysis about cellular signaling networks. The main research achievements are as follows,

[1] Xiaoqiang Sun, Jiajun Zhang, Qi Zhao, Xing Chen, Wenbo Zhu, Guangmei Yan and Tianshou Zhou. Stochastic modeling suggests that noise reduces differentiation efficiency by inducing a heterogeneous drug response in glioma differentiation therapy, BMC Systems Biology 10, 73 (2016).

[2] Qi Zhao*, Chenggui Yao, Jun Tang, and Liwei Liu. Study of spatial signal transduction in bistable switches, Frontiers of Physics 11, 110501 (2016).

[3] Chenggui Yao, Qi Zhao, and Wei Zou. Eliminating amplitude death by the asymmetry coupling and process delay in coupled oscillators, Eur. Phys. J. B 89, 29 (2016).

[4] Liwei Liu, Chao Li, Fenglan Bai, Qi Zhao, Ying Wang. An optimization approach and its application to compare DNA Sequences, Journal of Molecular Structure 1082 (2015) 49-55.

[5] Lan Nguyen, Qi Zhao, Thawfeek Varusai, and Boris.Kholodenko. Ubiquitin chain specific auto-ubiquitination triggers sustained oscillation, bistable switches and excitable firing, IET Systems Biology 8, 282-292 (2014).

[6] Chenggui Yao, Qi Zhao, Weiqing Liu, and Jun Yu. Collective dynamics induced by diversity taken from two-point distribution in globally coupled chaotic oscillators, Nonlinear Dynamics 75, 17-26 (2014).

[7] Tong-Bo Liu, Jun Ma, Qi Zhao, and Jun Tang. Force exerted on the spiral tip by the heterogeneity in an excitable mediumEurophysics Letters 104, 58005 (2013).

[8] Chenggui Yao, Qi Zhao, and Jun Yu. Complete synchronization induced by disorder in coupled chaotic lattices, Physics Letters A 377, 370-377 (2013).

[9] Chenggui Yao, Wei Zou, and Qi Zhao. The study of amplitude death in globally delay-coupled nonidentical systems based on order parameter expansion, Chaos 22 , 023149 (2012).

[10] Qi Zhao, Ming Yi, and Yan Liu. Spatial distribution and dose-response relationship for different operation modes in a reaction-diffusion model of MAPK cascade, Physical Biology 8, 055004 (2011).

[11] Qi Zhao, Chenggui Yao, and Ming Yi. Spatiotemporal stochastic resonance in a bistable FitzHugh-Nagumo ring with phase-repulsive coupling, Eur. Phys. J. B 84, 299–305 (2011).

[12] Ming Yi, Qi Zhao, Jun Tang, and Canjun Wang. A theoretical modeling for frequency modulation of Ca2+ signal on activation of MAPK cascade, Biophysical Chemistry 157, 33–42 (Equal contribution first author , 2011) .

[13] Qi Zhao, Ming Yi, and Meng Zhan. Information propagation from IP3 to target protein: a combined model for encoding and decoding of Ca2+ signal, Physica A 388, 4105-4114 (2009).

[14] Wei Zou, Xingang Wang, Qi Zhao, and Meng Zhan. Oscillation death in coupled oscillators, Frontiers of Physics in China 4, 97-110 (2009).


E-mail: zhaoqi.shenyang@gmail.com

Tel: 86-024-62202209

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