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School of Mathematics
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LUO Meiju
2016-12-05 11:10  

LUO Meiju, anassociateprofessor at School of Mathematics, Liaoning University, received B.S. And M.S. degrees in Mathematics and Management Sciencein 2004,2007 respectively, both fromShenyang Normal University. She completed her Ph.D in Operations Research and Cybernetics in 2010 atDalian University of Technology, China and completed the postdoctoral research in 2015 in Shanghai University.

The research interests includestochastic equilibrium problem and its Applications. The main research achievements are as follows:

1.        Mei-Ju Luo and Gui-Hua Lin, Expected residual minimization method for stochastic variational inequality problems, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, (2009)140: 103-116.

2.        Mei-Ju Luo and Gui-Hua Lin, Convergence results of the ERM method for nonlinear stochastic variational inequality problems, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, (2009)142: 569-581.

3.        Mei-Ju Luo and Gui-Hua Lin, Stochastic variational inequality problems with additional constraints and their applications in supply chain network equilibria, Pacific Journal of Optimization, (2011)7: 263-279.

4.        Mei-Ju Luo and Gui-Hua Lin, Sample average approximation method for solving a deterministic formulation for box constrained stochastic variational inequality problems, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, (2012)29: 1-17.

5.        Mei-Ju Luo and Yuan Lu, Properties of expected residual minimization model for a class of stochastic complementarity problems, Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2013 (2013): 1-7.

6.        Mei-Ju Luo and Yi-Zeng Chen, Smoothing and sample average approximation methods for solving stochastic generalized Nash equilibrium problems, Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, (2016)12: 1-15.

7.        Mei-Ju Luo, Feng-Yan Guo and Yi-Zeng Chen, Convergence results of the restricted ERM model for mon-smooth stochastic generalized Nash equilibrium problems, American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences, (2016)35: 91-104.

8.        Mei-JuLuo, Liu Hong-Ling, CVaR model of stochastic complementarity problems and its solving methods, Journal of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences(2015)35: 1081-1091. (In Chinese)

9.        Mei-Ju Luo, Ya-Yi Wang and Hong-Ling Liu, Convergence results of a matrix splitting algorithm for solving weakly nonlinear complementary problems, Journal of Inequalities and Applications, (2016)203: 1-9.

10.    Gui-Hua Lin, Mei-Ju Luo(corresponding author) and Jin Zhang, Smoothing and SAA methods for stochastic programming problems with nonsmooth objective and constraints, Journal of Global Optimization, (2016)66:487-510.



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