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School of Life Science
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HAN Yang
2016-12-05 13:46  

HAN Yang, a professor at School of Life Science, Liaoning University, received B.S. And M.S. degrees in Plant in 1980 and 1988 respectively, both from Northeast Normal University. She completed her Ph.D in Vegetable science in 2004 at Shenyang agricultural University, China and completed the postdoctoral research in 2011 at Shenyang agricultural University.

The research interests include plant physiology and plant biotechnology. She presided over the completion of the scientific research projects 10 items, published the article 30 items and wrote books 3.The main research achievements are as follows,

1. J. Zhang, X. Zhang, Y. Duan, and Y. Han (corresponding author). Construction of a phosphate transporter gene expression vector and its usage for tobacco transformation. Russian Journal of Plant Physiology, 2013, Vol. 60, No. 2, pp. 290–294.
    2. LI Chun-feng, ZHANG Xing-zheng, ZHANG Jie-li, HAN Yang(corresponding author),SONG Shu-hong. Transformation of anti-microbial peptides gene into soybean via Agrobacterium-mediation. Chinese journal of oil crop sciences.2012, 34(4): 348-352

3. ZHANG Xing-zheng, WANG Chang-ling, LU Fu-rong, HAN Yang(corresponding author),SONG Shu-hong. Transformation of LePT1 gene into soybean via Agrobacterium-mediation. Soybean Science, 2014, 33(1), 31-34

Email: hanyang_0802@163.com

Tel: 15040077772

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