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School of Life Science
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LU Xiuli
2016-12-05 13:53  

LU Xiuli, a professor at School of Life Science, Liaoning University, received B.S. in Pharmacology in Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1997 and Ph. D in Medicine in Nagoya University in2006 respectively, and completed the postdoctoral research in 2008 in Nagoya University in Japan.

The goal of our research laboratory is to understand cell signaling transduction related to stress and development of biopharmaceutics. We are focusing on 1) Study of biological function and pathological role of cholesterol in the cells; 2) Study on the stress-related cellular signal transduction under oxidative stress and ER stress at cellular level; 3) Study on the molecular mechanisms and gene therapy of neurodegenerative disease; 4) Study on the interactions between the macromolecules utilizing the molecular simulation.

Main grant:

1.      Experimental study on the new gene therapy of Alzheimer’s disease targeting to DHCR24,National Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC,No. 31271494), 2013.01-2016.12

2.      The study of DHCR24 and its interacting proteins, Program for Excellent Talents in University of Liaoning Provincial Education Board (No. LJQ2011004), 2011.06-2013.10

3.      The study of mechanism on the anti-ER stress function of DHCR24, National Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC,No.30800575), 2009.01-2011.12

4.      The study of mechanism on the anti-apoptotic function of DHCR24, The Project-sponsored by SRF for ROCS, SEM, 2009.06-2012.06

5.      The mechanism of DHCR24 on the anti-Alzheimer Disease, Liaoning Province Education Department, 2009.06-2012.06 

Publications (last 5 years):

1.      Xiuli Lu, Deliang Sun, Bo Xu, Jichuan Pan,Yanhong Wei, Xu Mao, Daojun Yu, Hongsheng Liu, Bing Gao. In silico screening and molecular dynamic study on nsSNPs associated with kidney stone in SLC26A6 gene. J Urol. 2016 Jan 23. pii: S0022-5347(16)00134-8.  ( SCI 2区, IF 4.5)

2.      Xiaoping Quan,  Xiuqiang Chen, Deliang Sun,  Bo Xu,  Linlin Zhao, Xiaoqian Shi, Hongsheng Liu, Bing Gao, Xiuli Lu,The Mechanism of the Effect of U18666a on Blocking the Activity of 3β-hydroxysterol Δ-24-reductase(DHCR24): Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study and Free Energy Analysis,Journal of Molecular Modeling  (SCI 2区, IF 2.3)

3.      Xiuli Lu, Yang Li, Weiqi Wang, Shuchao Chen, Ting Liu, Dan Jia, Xiaoping Quan, Alan K Chang, Bing Gao,3-hydroxysteroid-24 reductase(DHCR24) protects neuronal cells from apoptotic cell death induced by endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress, Plos One, 2014 Jan 29;9(1):e86753 (SCI, IF 4.1)

4.      Xiuli lu, Dan jia, Ting Liu,Chenguang Zhao, Shuchao Chen, Weiqi Wang, Bing Gao, Recombinant Adenovirus-Mediated High Expression of DHCR24 specially inNeuronal cells and its Functional Analysis, Neural Regeneration Research, 2014, 9(5):504-512, (SCI, IF 0.8)

5.      Xiuli Lu,Yong Zhang,Shuchao Chen,Yang Li,Ting Liu,Dan Jia,Weiqi Wang,Bing Gao,Hongsheng Liu,Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study on the Mechanism of theInhibition of ATP Hydrolysis with Inhibitors in Human Papillomavirus Type 18 E1 Helicase,Advances in Intelligent Systems Research,2013,May 23;45-47,EI

6.     Xiuli Lu, Bing Gao, Takahiro Yasui, Yang Li, Ting Liu, Xu Mao, Masahito Hirose, Yuhong Wu, Daojun Yu, Qiwen Zhu, Kenjiro Kohri,Chunling Xiao,Matrix Gla protein is involved in crystal formation in kidney of hyperoxaluric rats,Kidney and Blood Pressure Research, 2013;37(1):15-23. (SCI,IF 1.4)

7.      Xiuli Lu, Bing Gao, Youliang Wang, Zehui Liu, Takahiro Yasui, Ping Liu, Jian Liu, Newton Emmanuel, Qiwen Zhu & Chunling Xiao. Renal tubular epithelial cell injury, apoptosis and inflammation are involved in melamine-related kidney stone formation. Urol Res., 2012 Dec; 40(6):717-23. ( SCI,IF 1.5)

8.      Xiuli Lu, Bing Gao, Zehui Liu, Xiurong Tian, Xu Mao, Newton Emmanuel, Qiwen Zhu & Chunling Xiao. A Polymorphism of Matrix Gla Protein Gene Is Associated With Kidney Stone In Chinese Han population. Gene. 2012 Dec 15;511(2):127-30 (SCI,IF 2.3)

9.      Xiuli Lu, Shuchao Chen, Yong Zhang, Li Zhang, Hongsheng Liu, Bing Gao,The Discovery of Direct Noncovalent Bonded Interaction between Keap1 and Diethyl Maleate through Molecular Dynamics Simulations,Applied Mechanics and Materials,2012,195,260-265, EI

10.  Xiuli Lu, Yang Li, Jianli Liu, Xiangyu Cao, Xude Wang, Delong Wang, Bing Gao, The membrane topological analysis of 3 β-hydroxysteroid-delta24 reductase(DHCR24)on endoplasmic reticulum, Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, 2012 Jan 25;48(1):1-9. (SCI,IF 3.6)

11.  Xiuli Lu,Jianli Liu,Xiangyu Cao,Xiao Hou,Xude Wang,Yang Li, Ting Liu,Bing Gao,Hisao Seo, Native low density lipoprotein induces pancreatic cell apoptosis through generating excess reactive oxygen species, Lipid in health and disease, 2011 Jul 26;10:123  (SCI, IF 2.2)

12.  Xiuli Lu, Jianli Liu, Fangfang Hou, Zhenqing Liu, Xiangyu Cao, Hisao Seo, Bing Gao,Cholesterol induces pancreatic cell apoptosis through oxidative stress pathway,Cell Stress and chaperon, 2011 Sep;16(5):539-48(SCI, IF 3.2)

Email: luxiulidr@gmail.com

Tel: 86-024-62202232

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