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School of Life Science
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2016-12-05 13:55  

WEI Jie, Ph.D. Female; Born in 1977;Han nationality; Associate professor; Master tutor; Member of the China Democratic league; Advanced individual-"women Jianye" in Liaoning University. She graduated from College of Biology, Beijing Forestry University in 2002 with the Master degree. She obtained his joint PhD degree at Food Science College of Shenyang Agricultural University in 2009. From 2010 to 2011, she was a national visiting scholar at the College of Biology, California University, Riverside. She was taking a full associate professor in Liaoning University since 2002.

The undergraduate course includes "Microbial Engineering", "Microbial Engineering Experiment" etc. ; graduate course includes "Agricultural Products Processing and Storage Technology", "Advanced Food Biochemistry", "Microbial Resources and Applications", "Modern Biotechnology" etc..

She has specialized in biological preservation, functional factor and its application in the preservation of green biological food. In recent 5 years, Dr Wei has participated in 2 National Natural Science Fund Project, 1 National Key Laboratory Funded Project; and chaired 3 Science and Technology Research Project of Education Department of Liaoning Province, 1 Project of Liaoning Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries, 2 Project funded by the Federation of Social Sciences of Liaoning Province, 2 Research project of Science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province, 1 Youth Fund Project of Liaoning University, 1 Undergraduate teaching reform project of Liaoning University. Dr Wei has published over 34 papers in the domestic and foreign professional academic journals (include 8 SCI and EI, 2 teaching research papers), participated in the completion of the 3 books, invented 3 national patents; compiled 1 undergraduate experimental teaching materials; 4 papers and 2 projects won the prize.

Main representative article:

1   Enhanced Production of Aureofuscin by Over-expression of AURJ3M,Positive Regulator of Aureofuscin Biosynthesis in Streptomyces aureofuscus. Letters in Applied Microbiology.2011,4(52):322-329.

2  Intragenic homogenization and multiple copies of prey-wrapping silk genes in Argiope garden spiders . BMC Evolutionary Biology, 2014, 14:31.

3  Improvement in Aureofuscin Production by Streptomyces aureofuscuswith the Addition of Acetate and Propionate Sodium. Bioscience Journal,2016,32(2):478-485.

4 Anthocyanin improving metabolic disorders in obese mice from Aornia melanocarpa. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, 2016,50(3):368-375.

5 Identification of Aurj3M as a Positive Regulator of Aureofuscus Biosynthesis in Streptomyces aureofuscus . Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2014,6(6):508-511.

6 Biological activities of extract prepared from Sorbus sibirica fruit . Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2014, 6(5):1369-1372.

7 Antioxidant Activity of Sorbus sibirica fruit Extracts. Advanced Materials Research,2014,(900):267-274.

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Address: College of life science, Liaoning University, Chongshan Road No.66,  Huanggu District, Shenyang,China.

Zip code: 110036

Office phone: 024-62202232

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