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School of Life Science
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WANG Hongyan
2016-12-05 14:22  

WANG Hongyan, a associate professor at School of Life Science, Liaoning University, received B.S. degrees in Biological Science in 2004 at Liaoning Normal University. She completed her Ph.D in Genetics in 2009 at Northeast Normal University.

The research interests include:

●Genetic and Epigenetic Variation and Its Possible Underlying Mechanism in the Recipient Plant Genome following Pollination by a Distantly Related Species for example hybridization between rice and Zizania Latifolia L.,rice and Oenothera biennis L., rice and barnyard grass, rice and maize.

● Abiotic stress induced inheritable alterations of epigenetic(mainly in DNA methylation) which may contribute to plant enhanced resistance to relative stress in rice and foxtail millet.

● Transposition mechanism of retro/transposons and its influence on genome stability, genome evolution and gene expression in rice and foxtail millet.

The main research achievements are as follows:

Publications and book chapters

1. H.Y. Wang, Q.Tian, Y.Q.Ma, Y.Wu, G.J.Miao, Y.Ma, D.H.Cao, X.L.Wang, C.J.Lin, J.S.Pang, B. Liu, Transpositional reactivation of two LTR retrotransposons in rice-Zizania recombinant inbred lines(RILs), Hereditas, 147 (2010) 264-277.   (IF=1.066)

2. H.Y. Wang, Y. Chai, X. Chu, Y. Zhao, Y. Wu, J. Zhao, F. Ngezahayo, C. Xu, B. Liu, Molecular characterization of a rice mutator-phenotype derived from an incompatible cross-pollination reveals transgenerational mobilization of multiple transposable elements and extensive epigenetic instability, BMC Plant Biol, 9 (2009) 63.    (IF=3.774)

3. N.N. Wang, H.Y. Wang, H. Wang, D. Zhang, Y. Wu, X.F. Ou, S. Liu, Z.Y. Dong, B. Liu, Transpositional reactivation of the Dart transposon family in rice lines derived from introgressive hybridization with Zizania latifolia, BMC Plant Biology, 10 (2010) 190.    (IF=4.085)

4. Zhenying Dong, Hongyan Wang, Yuzhu Dong, Yongming Wang, Wei Liu, Gaojian Miao, Xiuyun Lin, Daqing Wang, Bao Liu. Extensive microsatellite variation in rice induced by introgression from wild rice (Zizania latifolia Griseb.), Plos One, 8 (2013) 4.    (IF=3.774)

5. F. Ngezahayo#, C. Xu#H. Wang, L. Jiang, J. Pang, B. Liu, Tissue culture-induced transpositional activity of mPing is correlated with cytosine methylation in rice, BMC Plant Biol, 9 (2009) 91. (# equal contributors) (IF=3.730)

6. Xin-Xin Zhao, Yang Chai, Hong-Yan Wang, Na Zhao andBao Liu, Rapid de novo genomic alteration in an ‘incompatible’ pair of maize reciprocal F1 hybrids – a possible cause for the accumulation of inter-strain genetic diversity, Hereditas,149,1-9.    (IF=1.066)

7. Shanshan Wang, Ning Zhang, Kaixi Wang, Yanan Ruan, Hongyan Wang *,Genetic diversity analysis of foxtail millet cultivars in Western Liaoning province using SSR markers, Molecular Plant Breeding, 2015,13(5):1091-1097. (Corresponding author)

8. Ning Zhang, Yanan Ruan, Shanshan Wang, Yang Liu, Chen Zhao, Jingjing Wang, Kaixi Wang, Yanli Wang, Hongyan Wang*, Comparative analysis of the MITE transposons mPing in different rice subspecies, Chinese Journal of Biotechnology. (accepted) (Corresponding author)

9. Han yang, Wang Hongyan, Ruan Yanan, Liu Jianli, Introduction to biotechnology, Liaoning University Press, China, 2014.

Professional research experience for selected project

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China Project: 2012~2014PI

Phenomenon and mechanism of heritable epigenetic instabilities between rice and its distant and sexually incompatible species.

2. Program for Liaoning Excellent Talents in University: 2013~2016PI

Phenomenon and mechanism of heritable genetic instabilities between rice and its distant and sexually incompatible species.

3. Youth Foundation of Liaoning University: 2011-2012PI

Inheritable alterations of epigenetic variations and transposon activations induced by abiotic stress in rice.

Awards and honors

1. Liaoning University Excellent Young Teachers,2014

2.  Program for Liaoning Excellent Talents in University,2013

3. Natural Science Academic Achievements Award of Jilin province, Jilin Province, 2013

4. Liaoning Province Science Report Experts,2013

5. Liaoning University Excellent Young Teachers,2012

Email: hongyan2003@126.com

Tel: 86-024-62202232

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