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College of Light Industry
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ZHANG Chenghua
2016-12-05 14:23  

        Zhang Chenghua, a professor at college of light industry, Liaoning University, received B.S.  and M.S. degrees in physcis in 1982 and 1988 Jinzhou normal college and Guangxi University, respectively.  completed him Ph.D in material physics in 1997 at metallic research institute, Shenyang. The present research interests include the ionization of high election impact in the laser field. The main research achievements are as follows,

Zhang Cheng-Hua, Zhang Shu-Liang, Wang Xiao-Wei and Wang Jing-Yang, Electron correlation in the final continuum of ionization hydrogen by 150-eV electron impact, Chinese Physics Letters, Vol.21, No.9 (2004) 1737 1740 (in English)
 Zhang Cheng-Hua, Qiu Wei, Xin Jun-Li and Wang Xiao-Wei, Triple differential cross section of hydrogen by electron impact at intermediate energies, Chinese Physics, No.12 (2003) 1394-04, (in English).
Zhang Cheng-Hua, Qiu Wei, Xin Jun-Li and Wang Xiao-Wei, The calculation of triple differential cross section of hydrogen single ionization by electron impact, Acta Physica Sinica, Vol.52,No.10,(2003)2449-04 (in Chinese).
Zhang Cheng-Hua, Niu Ying-Yu, Wu Wei, Wang Xiao-Wei and Wang Jing-Yang, Optimal truncation in ionization of hydrogen by electron impact, Chinese Physics Letters, Vol.20, No.8 (2003) 1244?1246 (in English).
Zhang Cheng-Hua, Qian Wen-Jia Leng Wen-Xiu, Long Qi-Wei and Tiang En-Ke, the influence of scattering amplitude for distorted factor in Coulomb-eikonal approximation, Acta Physica Sinica, Vol.51,No.10,(2002)2225-04 (in Chinese).
Qiu Wei, Xin Jun-Li, Niu Ying-Yu and Zhang Cheng-Hua, Single ionization calculation of triple differential cross sections of hydrogen by electron impact, Journal of Liaoning University (Natural sciences editions), (2002) 17-19 (in Chinese). 
C. W. Lung, J. Jiang, E. K. Tian and C. H. Zhang, Relation between fractal dimension and roughness index for fractal surfaces, Physical Review E, Vol. 60 No. 5 (1999) 512175125   (in English)

E-mail: zhangchua@lnu.edu.cn

Tel: 86-024-62202383

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