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Li Zhenrong
2016-12-05 14:43  

Li Zhenrong, female, PHD in engineering, Professor, Born in December,1962. She primarily engages in Synthesis of inorganic non metallic nano material and Microstructure and properties of Ni based high temperature alloy researches. She teaches more than 10 courses such as "Material Thermal Base", "Glass Technology", "Thermal Equipment of Inorganic Materials", "Cement Technology" etc. Her main research is about Synthesis of Thin Film Photoelectric Conversion Materials, Synthesis of Mica Based Nanometer Pearl Powder,Dispersion of Nanometer and Micron Grade Alumina Powder research, Microstructure and Properties of Ni Based High Temperature Alloy research etc. She holds nature fund of Liaoning Province, research fund of Education Department of Liaoning Province, and many other relevant projects. Has published over 30 articles in academic journals such as "Materials Science and Engineering", "High Temperature Materials and Process", "Rear Metal Materials and Engineering", "Journal of Synthetic Crystals" etc.

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