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College of Light Industry
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Li Chao
2016-12-05 14:44  

Li Chao,College of Light Industry, Liaoning University, China, Phone: (86-24)6220-2139 ; E-mail:lichao@lnu.edu.cn

Personal Information  Gender: Male,Date of Birth: August 1978

Permanent Address:   66 Chongshan Road, Huanggu District, Liaoning University, China.Postalcode: 110036,E-mail: lichao@lnu.edu.cn;

Research Area and Professional Skills

l  Developing low-cost preparation techniques of ceramic coatings;

l  surface strengthening and functional modification of materials

l  Investigating mechanical behavior and thermal/chemical stability of ceramics and composites in room temperature and high temperature environment.

l  Developing new coatings for corrosion protection and abrasion by the electric arc spraying technology, PVD and chemical methods.

l  Have solid specialty knowledge and much practical experience of ceramics coating materials. Be adept in characterizing their phase composition, microstructure and corrosion properties.

l  Be familiar with surface modification techniques such as electric arc spraying, ion implantation and chemical treatment, and their applications.

l  Have good knowledge and teaching experience of material science for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Education/working experience:

l   2015.9~now, Work as an associate professor in Light Industry College of Liaoing University

l   2014.9~2015.9, Work as a Visiting Scholar in MAX Phase Research Group of Drexel University, the United States

l   2007.12~2014.9, Work as an associate professor in Light Industry College of Liaoing University

l   2001.9~2007.6  High-performance Ceramic Division, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academic of Sciences, Shenyang, doctoral candidates majoring in ceramics and composites, guided by Prof. M.S Li

   Thesis: Strengthening of Ti3AlC2 by particulate reinforcement and surface modification of Ti3SiC2 by boronizing                                    

l   1997.9~2001.6 Department of Chemistry Engineering, Shenyang Institute of Technology. Bachelor Degree. Major:  Corrosion and Protection of Metallic materials.

Research background and computer skills:

l   Strong background in materials science, especially ceramics coatings, composites and high temperature oxidation

l   Excellent instrumentation background and practical skills in materials processing and characterization:

Familiar with electric arc spraying technology, oxidation and friction and wear tests, , magnetron sputtering machine, various analytical methods (TEM, SEM, XRD, EPMA, etc)

Computer: Windows2000/XP/7、MS Office、Photoshop、Origin、AutoCAD、language C、Basic


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[1]     2016.7-2019.6: Study of Preparation Technology of Self-reactive Arc Sprayed Al-based Coatings with TiC-TiB2 Ceramic, Education fund item of Liaoning province, China, No. LYB201618.

[2]     2014.9-2016.9: Study of New Experimental Teaching pattern of Inorganic non-metal Materials Engineering, Liaoning reformation of undergraduate teaching, No. UPRP20140622

[3]     2012.9-2014.3: Research on Oxidation-resistant Self-spalling Glass-ceramic Coating for Heat Processing of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy, Liaoning Province College Students' Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan Program, No.201210140007.

[4]     2012.1-2014.12: Study on Preparation and Properties of B4C-based Composite Ceramic Coatingsby Thermo Chemical Method, National Nature Science Foundation of China, No.51102125.

[5]     2011.7-2014.6: Study on Preparation and Properties of B4C Ceramic Coatings by Slurry Method, Nature Science Foundation of Liaoning Province, China, No. 201103926.

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