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College of Light Industry
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Wang Shiming
2016-12-05 14:44  

Wang Shiming, an associate professor of Light Industry College of Liaoning University. Dr. Wang was born in 1985, got his BS in 2008 and received his Ph.D in 2013 in Department of Chemistry, Northeast Normal University. In recent years, he has undertaken one national project, one doctor start-up project. His research interests are focused on electrochromic materials and metal-free oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalysts, including synthesis and formulation of electrochromic compounds and mixtures, synthesis of ORR materials used for EC devices and ORR. Selected Publications are as follows:

(1) Shi-Ming Wang, Lin Liu, Wei-Lin Chen (corresponding author), Zhi-Ming Zhang(corresponding author), Zhong-Min Su, En-Bo Wang (corresponding author). A new electrodeposition approach for preparing polyoxometalates-based electrochromic smart windows, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2013) 1:216-220.

(2) Shi-Ming Wang, Lin Liu, Wei-Lin Chen(corresponding author), En-Bo Wang(corresponding author). High performance visible and near-infrared region electrochromicsmart windows based on the different structures of polyoxometalates, Electrochimica Acta ( 2013) 113: 240-247.

(3) Shi-Ming Wang, Lin Liu, Wei-Lin Chen(corresponding author), En-Bo Wang(corresponding author), Zhong-Min Su. Polyoxometalate-anatase TiO2 composites are introduced into the photoanode of dye-sensitized solar cells to retard the recombination and increase the electron lifetime, Dalton Transactions ( 2013) 42:2691-2695.

(4) Shi-Ming Wang, Lin Liu, Wei-Lin Chen(corresponding author), Zhong-Min Su(corresponding author), En-Bo Wang(corresponding author), Chao Li. Polyoxometalate/TiO2 Interfacial Layer with the Function of Accelerating Electron Transfer and Retarding Recombination for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2014) 53: 150-156.

(5) Lin Liu, Shi-Ming Wang(corresponding author), Chao Li, Cheng-Gong Liu, Chun-Lei Ma, Zheng-Bo Han(corresponding author) Pure inorganic multi-color electrochromic thin films: vanadium-substituted Dawson type polyoxometalate based electrochromic thin film with tunable colors from transparent to blue and purple, Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2015)3: 5175-5182.

E-mail: wangsm383@163.com

Tel: 86-024-62202139

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