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College of Light Industry
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Gao Zhe
2016-12-05 14:46  

Gao Zhe Associate professor, Ph. D.Email: gaozhe83@gmail.com

Department of Electrical engineering and automation, College of Light Industry, Liaoning University

Research Interests:

Fractional order control system, complex power system analysis, Internet of things


B.S. Shengyang Ligong University, 2006

M.S. Northeastern University, 2008.

Ph. D. Beijing Institute of Technology, 2012.

Academic Positions

Lecturer, Liaoning University, 2013.1-2015.11

Associate Professor, Liaoning University, 2015.12-date


Natural science academic achievement award of Liaoning Province, the third prize, 2014.

Natural science academic achievement award of Liaoning Province, the second prize, 2016.

Shenyang Natural Science Academic Achievement Award, the second prize, 2014.

Shenyang Natural Science Academic Achievement Award, the second prize, 2016.

Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project of Liaoning University, Ten Thousand Level, 2014.

Outstanding young teachers of Liaoning University, 2014.


National Natural Science Foundation of China (61304094), “Robust stabilizing regions of controllers and robust control for time-delay fractional-order systems”, 2013-2016.

Scientific research general project of Liaoning Provincial Department of Education (L2015194), “Identification and robust control for fractional-order systems” 2016-2018.

Selected Publications cited by SCI and book:

1. Zhe Gao*. Active disturbance rejection control for nonlinear fractional-order systems. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 26(4):276-292, 2016.

2. Zhe Gao*. Robust stabilization criterion of fractional-order controllers for interval fractional-order plants. Automatica, 61: 1611-1616, 2015.

3. Zhe Gao*. Robust stability criterion for fractional-order systems with interval uncertain coefficients and a time-delay. ISA Transactions, 58: 76-84, 2015

4. Zhe Gao*. A graphic stability criterion for non-commensurate fractional-order time-delay systems. Nonlinear Dynamics, 78(3):2101-2111, 2014.

5. Zhe Gao*. A computing method on stability intervals of time-delay for fractional-order retarded systems with commensurate time-delays. Automatica, 50(6), 1611-1616, 2014. 

6. Zhe Gao*. Xiaozhong Liao. A computing approach for delay margin of linear fractional-order retarded systems with commensurate time-delays. Asian Journal of Control, 16(6):1891-1896, 2014.

7. Zhe Gao*, Ming Yan, Junxiu Wei. Robust stabilizing regions of fractional-order PD$^\mu$ controllers of time-delay fractional-order systems. Journal of Process Control, 24(1): 37-47, 2014.

8. Zhe Gao*, Xiaozhong Liao. Robust stability criterion of fractional-order functions for interval fractional-order systems. IET Control Theory & Applications, 7(1):60-67, 2013.

9. Zhe Gao*, Xiaozhong Liao. Discretization algorithm for fractional order integral by Haar       wavelet approximation. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 218(5): 1917-1926, 2011.

10. Zhe Gao, Xiaozhong Liao*. Integral sliding mode control for fractional-order systems with mismatched uncertainties. Nonlinear Dynamics. 72(1-2): 27-35, 2013.

11. Zhe Gao*, Xiaozhong Liao. Rational approximation for fractional-order system by particle swarm optimization. Nonlinear Dynamics, 67(2): 1387-1395, 2012.

12. Zhe Gao*, Xiaozhong Liao. Improved Oustaloup approximation of fractional-order operators     using adaptive chaotic particle swarm optimization. Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics,   23(1): 145-153, 2012.

13. Xiaozhong Liao, Zhe Gao. Robustness analysis and robust control of fractional order systems, Beijing: Science Press, 2016. (in Chinese)

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