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Institute of Population Research
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LIU Qingrui
2016-12-06 08:48  

LIU Qingrui, Ph. D. Economics and specially appointed professor, is holding the office of deputy head of Institute of Population Research of Liaoning University and serving as doctoral supervisor of statistics as well as population, resources and environmental economics. Professor Liu Qingrui has engaged in the theoretical research and teaching practice in field of social security in national economic development with main research field as harmonious development of urban and rural social security system.


Main research results:

1 Professor Liu Qingrui has published over 40 papers on core periodicals and 7 academic writings.

2 In recent years, Professor Liu Qingrui has taken charge of 5 tasks and won over 10 awards at national and ministerial level, achieving rich research achievements.

3 At present, Professor Liu Qingrui is taking charge of major bidding project of national social science funds called “Harmonious Development Research to Urban and Rural Social Security System”. Professor Liu was selected to the hundred level of Talents Engineering Project in Liaoning by relying on the discipline construction of social security.

4 As the head person on main direction, Professor Liu Qingrui has the approval of innovation team of institution of higher learning in Liaoning----“Research to Employment and Social Security in Northeast China Old Industrial Base”. Through leading disciplinary research team for many years, Liu Qingrui has made positive practical exploration on such fields as social security experimental unit reform in northeast, population and employment as well as overall urban and rural social security system in Northeast China Old Industrial Base. This made good social and economic benefits as well as important contribution to local economic and social development. Professor Liu Qingrui’s research results were successively accepted and adopted by Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security, State Family Planning Commission, State Statistics Bureau as well as the Department of Human Resource and Social Security of Liaoning etc functional departments at all levels, with remarkable social and economic benefits.

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