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School of Journalism and Communication
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2016-12-07 10:59  

SONG Yan, Dean (2010- ), Associate Professor of Journalism and Communication, Liaoning University, director of Application of communication association, Contributing Editor of Contemporary Worker, get Ph. D in School of Journalism of Renmin University from 2004 to 2007. Prof. Song is the School of Political Sociology of Sussex University Visiting Scholar. And now she is teaching Media and Society, In-depth Reporting, Data Journalism, Qualitative Research.

The research interests include Journalism, Media and Social Change, Leisure Culture, Political communication and Social Media. The main research achievements are as follows,

1. Monographs:

Song Yan, A One Thousand Years’ Samsara-From Bar to Microblog, Liaoning Education Press, 2015.5.

Song Yan, Sociological Perspective of Globalization, Liaoning people's publishing house, 2014.9.

Song Yan, The Mirror of Media with the Leisure era, Liaoning people's publishing house, 2009.7.


Song Yan, Reevaluation of the Communication Element "Content"

Under the Environment of New Media, Journal of Liaoning University, 2016.11.

Song Yan, Direction of Path of Journalism Teaching Transformation in New Media Time, The Asia-Pacific Education, 2016.1.

Song Yan, Digital, Lnternet Epoch and Globalization, Dowu Academic, 2015.1.

Song Yan, Consumer Opinion Leader Role of Contemporary Media, Media Criticism, 2010.4.

Song Yan, Audience’s Subjectivity Cultivated by Media Enterta-inment  Culture in Ten Years.Journalism Bimonthly, 2008.6.

Song Yan, New Reading Characters of Modern Literary Audience, Journal of Liaoning University,2007.8.

Song Yan, Paradox Between “Mass Media Time “and Leisure Ideas, International Communication Journal, 2006.8.

Song Yan, Evolution of Opinion Cirumstation During Social Transformation, Liaoning Administrative College Journals, 2005.3.

3. Projects:

Host, Modern Mass Medium’s Progress space in Leisure Field, Liaoning province social science planning Department, 2005.1-2006.1.

Host, Television’s Communicate Effects in Cultural Exchanging Between China and South Korea, Asia Research Center of Liaoning university,2008.1-2010.1.

Host, Media Leisure Culture’s Interpretation and Construction, Liaoning Provincial Committee of Education, 2009.7-2011.7.

Host, subject’s setting and performing of Children’s Journal  between China and Japan, Asia Research Center of Liaoning university,2015.1-2017.1.

Host, The Teaching Model’s Reform and Exploration of the

Co-constructed School of Journalism and Communication of Liaoning University. Liaoning province education scientific planning Department, 2015.6-2017.6.

Host, Research and Perform of the “Digital News” Teachings terms.  Education department of Liaoning province, 2016.1-2018.1.

Email: 1043286394@qq.com

Tel: 0086-024-62602907

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