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School of Journalism and Communication
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2020-06-28 15:11  

PAN Yu(1990-), BA(Northeast Normal University), MA(Northeast Normal University), PhD(East China Normal University), a lecturer at School of Journalism and Communication, Liaoning University.

The research interests include Media and Society, New Media and Crisis Communication, Public Opinion. The main research achievements are as follows,

1. PAN Yu, CHEN Hong. Research Path Turn on Public Opinion Governance of City Disaster Events based on Big Data, Journalism Research, 2019(5).

2. PAN Yu, CHEN Hong. Research on City Disaster Risk Communication Mechanism and Prevention and Control System based on Big Data, Shanghai Journalism Review, 2019(3).

3. CHEN Hong, PAN Yu. From Discourse to Actions: The New Model of Multi-subject Collaborative Governance on Environmental Communication, Shanghai Journalism Review, 2018(2).

4. CHEN Hong, PAN Yu, ZHENG Guangjia. Research on the supervision of public opinion in Chinese TV media from the perspective of media memory: from Chinese Quality Long March to the Name of the People, Modern Communication(Journal of Communication University of China), 2018(1).

5. PAN Yu. The Characteristics and Enlightenment of American Disaster Emergency Management—Taking Hurricane “Irma” as an Example, New Media and Society(No.21), 2018.

6. CHEN Hong, QIN Jing, PAN Yu. Discourse Regulation of Family Planning Policy: a Policy Network Analysis Approach based on Shared Discourse, Journalism Research, 2017(2).

7. CHEN Hong, PAN Yu. Research on the New Paradigm of the History of Public Opinion with Chinese Characteristics, Shanghai Journalism Review, 2017(2).

8. PAN Yu, SONG Xue. The Literature Review of Chinese Public Opinion History, Public Opinion Research(No.2), 2017.

9. PAN Yu. Communication Features of Microblog in the International Terrorism Event and its Role in the Construction of Public Opinion in the Fight against Terrorism: A Case Study of the “11.13” Terrorist Attacks in Paris, New Media and Society(No.17), 2018.

10. CHEN Hong, PAN Yu. Research on System Construction of the Chinese Public Opinion History from the Interdisciplinary Perspective, Shanghai Journalism Review, 2016(10).

11. QIN Jing, PAN Yu. Practice and Reflection on English Teaching of Journalism and Communication in the Era of Globalization: a Review of the Seminar on Experience and Imagination of English Communication Education in the Chinese-speaking World, Shanghai Journalism Review, 2016(6).


Address: School of Journalism and Communication, Liaoning University, 58 Daoyi South Street Shenbei New District, Shenyang

Email: gracepan0219@126.com

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