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School of Pharmaceutical Science
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CHEN Lijiang
2016-12-07 11:04  

Prof. CHEN Lijiang  received B.Sc. degree in Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and majored in English Pharmacy. She obtained her B.Sc. and master’s degree in Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in China, with emphasis on pharmaceutical analysis. Subsequently, she completed her Ph.D in medicinal chemistry of naturalproducts in Shandong University in China. She was also a visiting scholar in Kanazawa University in Japan in 2013.

  Prior to joining the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Liaoning University in 2005, she is senior scientist in Liaoning Research Institute for Medicine and director of Animal-using Medicine Factory of Liaoning Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute, respectively. Currently she is the vice dean in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Liaoning University. Apart from academic appointments, she acts both as director of the Key Laboratory of New Drug & Development and deputy director of the Liaoning Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center for Natural Medicine.

  The focus of her research is on the development of novel pharmaceutical formulations and preparations. To date, more than 20 scientific projects are undertaken in her group and 50 scientific papers are published in peer-reviewed pharmaceutical journals. In addition, 10 patent applications and 20 drug certificates are submitted by her group.


Academic backgroud:

B.Sc.       Shenyang Pharmaceutical University 1991

Master      Shenyang Pharmaceutical University 2002

Ph.D        Shandong University 2014


Career highlights:

Professor,  School of Pharmaceutical Science, Liaoning University(2005– )

Deputy director,  Animal-using Medicine Factory, Liaoning Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute(1995–2000)

Senior pharmaceutical scientist,  Liaoning Research Institute for Medicine (1991–2005)

Visiting scholar,  Faculty of Medicine,  Kanazawa University Japan(2013)


Research highlights:

1.Development of novel pharmaceutical formulations and preparations

2.Computer aided drug discovery and development

3.Dietary supplement research and development


1.Development of Total Paeony Glycoside osmotic pump controlled release tablet and research of its microbial transformation (No.F10-205-1-28) , Shenyang Science and Technology Program of China

2.Technical services of determination of multiple antibiotics in animal feeds (No.F11-255-4-00) , Shenyang Science and Technology Program of China

3.Research and development of gambogic acid lipid microspheres (No.2012921024), Liaoning BaiQianWan Talents Program

4.Research on preparation and activity of lung cancer targeted drug bexarotene nanosuspension (No.2013305003), Liaoning Provincial Science Program of China

5.Study on the synthesis of the amide derivatives of rhubarb and its nano drug delivery system (No.L2015192), Liaoning Provincial Science Program of China

6.The study on preparation and anti-tumor activity of gambogic acid  self-assembled nanoparticles ( No.F16-205-1-4), Shenyang Science and Technology Program of China



1.Yu Liu, Jia Yang, Xin Wang, Ju Liu, Zhaobo Wang, Hongsheng Liu, Lijiang Chen*. In vitro and in vivo Evaluation of Redox-Responsive Sorafenib Carrier Nanomicelles synthesized form Poly (aceyic acid) -Cystamine Hydrochloride-D-α-Tocopherol Succinate[J]. Journal of Biomaterials Science-Polymer Editoin, 2016, 27(17): 1729-1747.

2.Lijiang Chen, Yang Liu, Dechao Jia, Jia Yang, Jinhua Zhao, Changlan Chen, Hongsheng Liu, and Xiao Liang. Pharmacokinetic and Biodistribution of Aurantiamide and Aurantiamide acetate in Rats after Oral Administration of Portulaca oleracea L. Extracts[J]. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2016, 64(17): 3445-3455.

3.Li Li, Liu, Jinjing Wang, Lijiang Chen*,Wenjun Zhang, Xichen Yan. Preparation in vitro and in vivo evaluation of bexarotene nanocrystals with surface modification by folate-chitosan conjugates[J]. Drug Deliv, 2016, 23(1): 79-87.

4.Li Li, Yu Liu, Xin Wang, Yang Liu, Jinjing Wang, Lijiang Chen*. Studies on pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of bexarotene nanocrystals with surface modification by folate-chitosan conjugates[J]. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, 2015, 34(4): 712-718

5.Rui Yan, Longmei Qu, NanLuo, Yang Liu, Yu Liu, Li Li, Lijiang Chen*Quantitation of alpha-Lactalbumin by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Medicinal Adjuvant Lactose[J]. International Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2014, 2014: 841084-841084.

6.Li Li, Xiaoyang Yang, Yu Liu, Lijiang Chen*,Xin Jin. Studies on Pharmacokinetics and Tissue Distribution of Curcumol Liposome[J]. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, 2014, 33(5): 709-716.

7.Lijiang Chen, Yongjie Wang, Jiaozhen Zhang, Hejian Guo, Hongxiang Lou, Dianrui Zhang. Bexarotene nanocrystal-Oral and parenteral formulation development, characterization and pharmacokinetic evaluation[J]. European Journal of Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics, 2014, 87(1): 160-169.

8.Lijiang Chen,YangLiu,YuLiu, Li Li, FeiGao. Enhanced bioavailability of total paeony glycoside by self-microemulsifying drug delivery system. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica, 2012, 47(12): 1678-1686.



1.A preparation method of Total Paeony Glycoside controlled osmotic pump tablet, CN201110293561.1

2.A preparation method of Polyacrylic acid-2-cystamine dihydrochloride-vitamin E succinate polymer and its application, CN201610330806.6

3.A preparation method of Gambogic acid self-assembled polymer nanoparticles and its application, CN201610330456.3

4.A method of separating gambogic acid epimers, CN201610327514.7.



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