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2016-12-07 11:09  

Associate Prof. WANG Yang graduated from pharmaceutical institute of LiaoNing university with a Master's Degree and worked there as a research assistant since 2006. Associate Prof. Wang Yang obtained his Ph.D in medicinal chemistry in China State Institute of Pharmaceutical. He has been participated in several National Projects in the area of bacterial resistance, diabetes and antitumor agents including potent Bcr-abl/C-kit dual-targeting inhibitor and Gambogic Acid derivatives, ect. Also 15 papers are published in several key journals by Prof. Wang Yang. 7 of 14 applied patents had been authorized. He is now working in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Liaoning University as associate professor since 2014.

Academic backgroud:

B.Sc    Liaoning University 1998-2002

Master  Liaoning University 2003-2006

Ph.D    China State Institute of Pharmaceutical  2015

Research highlights:

1.        Rational drug design;

2.        Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds;

3.        Separation, modification and SAR research of natural products;

4.        Process optimization


1.        2011  National  Key Drug Research & Development Project of 12th "Five-year" Plan: Preclinical study of LTB-0003 as an novel antibiotics drug against resistant bacteria 

2.        2009  National  Key Drug Research & Development Project of 11th "Five-year" Plan:  “Research on C085 as a new anti-cancer candidate ”

3.        2005  Project of National Torch Plan:  “Separation of high-purity taxol via novel packing”

4.        2004  The Innovation Fund Projects of Small and Medium Sized Technology Based Firms:  “Separation of high-purity taxol from leaves through the application of  novel high resolution chromatography column packing”.


1.        Wang Yang, Zhang Xue, Ma Li-yang, Zhou Yun-peng*. Synthesis of Novel Gambogic Acid Derivatives[J]. Chinese Journal of Synthetic Chemistry., 2014, 22(2):200-203.

2.        Huan Dong, Yanan Yang, Fangfang Zhao, Wenbin Jia, Beibei Liua, Hailiang Hua, Yang Wang*, Hui Huang*. Coordination site induced controllable assembly of metal–organic units in polyoxometalate-based hybrids[J]. Inorganic Chemistry Communications., 2014, 44(6):107-110.

3.        Meirong Zhang, Ju Liu, Yang Wang* Research progress of mitogen-activated protease and related drugs [J]. Chinese Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2014 24(6): 442-446.

4.        Chen Ye, Lu Hong, Lin Xiao-lin, Wang Rui, Wang Yang*. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of cycpyrimidiniping maleate in vitro[J]. Chinese Journal of New Drug., 2013, 22(24):2924-2928.

5.        Wang Yang, Zhang Li-hui, Zhang Xue, Zhang Qi-jing, Xu Li-feng*. Synthesis of Novel acridone Analogs[J]. Chinese Journal of Synthetic Chemistry., 2013, 21(3):322-324.

6.        Wang Yang, Han Shuang, Cao Di, Liu Ju, Chen Ye*. Preparation of High Purity Capsaicin Monomer by Reverse Phase C18 Column Chromatography[J]. Food science., 2013, 34(24):65-68.

7.        Wang Yang, Zhang Qi-jing, Liu Ju, Chen Ye*. Synthesis and antitumor activities of gareinia glycosides[J]. Chinese Journal of New Drug., 2013, 22(23):2739-2744 .


1.        Yang Wang, Lifeng Xu, Ju Liu, Ye Chen, Yunpeng Zhou. One kind of Garcinia acid separation and purification of the production process technology (2013) ZL 201010230989.7 Authorized

2.        Ye Chen, Yang Wang, Lifeng Xu. Multi-component pharmaceutical dosage form containing gnidimacrin plus.  (2012)  ZL 20101010713.4. Authorized

3.        Ye Chen, Yang Wang, Lifeng Xu, Hong Lu, Guanghui Zhou. Preparation method and application of tetrahydronaphthalene-2-carboxamide compounds pharmaceutically acceptable prodrugs and salts thereof.  (2013)  ZL 201110193137.  Authorized

4.        Yang Wang, Ye Chen, Xiaolin Lin. Synthesis and application of S/R tetrahydronaphthalene-2-carboxamide compounds pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof.  (2012)  201210031640.X 

5.        Ye Chen, Yang Wang. A new oral immediate release dosage form containing citric acid salt of CB1107.  (2013)  201310172671.1

6.        Ye Chen, Yang Wang. Preparation of high drug load tablet containing 5,6,7,8-tetrahydronaphthalene-2-carboxamide compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts.  (2013)  201310174864.0 

7.        Xiaofang Wang, Yang Wang, YeChen, Shuang Han.  Platinum() complex compound and utilization of the same (2013)  201310589727.3

8.        Ye Chen, Yang Wang, Lifeng Xu, Hong Lu. Synthesis and application of a anti-cancer candidate compound: gnidimacrin  (2011)  ZL201010010170.X. Authorized

9.        Yang Wang, Lifeng Xu, Yunpeng Zhou, Ju Liu. Optimization of production process for industrial C085.  (2012)  201110443519.3

10.    Ye Chen, Yang Wang. Preparation method and application of tetrahydronaphthalene-2-carboxamide compounds pharmaceutically acceptable prodrugs and salts thereof.  PCT:  PCT/CN2012/078422.

11.    Lifeng Xu, Ye Chen, Ju Liu, Yang Wang, Yunpeng Zhou, Qiushi Zhang, Geping Liu A method of preparation and application of a reverse-phase packing containing nitrogen alicyclic. ZL 201110143658.4  Authorized

12.    Yang Wang, Di Cao, Fan Jiang, Jin Ni. Simple, convenient and high-efficiency synthesis method of Salidroside.


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