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College of Chemistry
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LIANG Fushun
2016-12-07 11:13  

LIANG Fushun, Professor at College of Chemistry, Liaoning University. He obtained M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry at Northeast Normal University in 1999 and Ph. D degree in Polymer Chemistry at Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences by the end of 2002. Then he spent two years to do organic light emitting diodes at Waseda University, Japan, as a postdoctoral fellow (supported by JSPS fellowship). From Feb. 2007 to Jan. 2008, he conducted research on organic solar cells at Institute of Chemical Process and Environmental Technology, National Research Council of Canada (NSERC fellowship).   

The research mainly focus on organic synthesis and organic optoelectronic materials. Representative publications are as follows.

1.      F. Liang,* S. Lin, Y. Wei, Aza-oxy-carbanion relay via non-Brook rearrangement: efficient synthesis of furo[3,2-c]pyridinones, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011133, 1781.

2.      M. Li, H. Yuan, B. Zhao, F. Liang,* J. Zhang,* Alkyne aminohalogenation enabled by DBU-activated N-haloimides: direct synthesis of halogenated enamines, Chem. Commun., 201450, 2360.

3.      B. Liu, E. Wei, S. Lin, B. Zhao, F. Liang,* Synthesis of spiro[isoquinolinone-4,2’-oxiranes] and isoindolinones via a multicomponent reaction of 2-acetyl-oxirane-2-carboxamides, arylaldehydes and malononitrile, Chem. Commun., 201450, 6995.

4.      S. Lin, L. Li, F. Liang,* Q. Liu, DABCO-catalyzed ring opening of activated cyclopropanes and recyclization leading to γ-lactams with an all-carbon quaternary center, Chem. Commun.201450, 10491.

5.      Wei, Y.; Lin, S.; Liang, F.;* Zhang, J. N-Bromosuccinimide/1,8-Diazabicyclo[5.4.1]undec-7-ene Combination: β-Amination of Chalcones via a Tandem Bromoamination/Debromination Sequence, Org. Lett. 2013, 15, 852.

6.      Li, M.; Lin, S.; Dong, Z.; Zhang, X.; Liang, F.;* Zhang, J.* Organocatalyzed Anion Relay Leading to Functionalized 2,3-Dihydrofurans. Org. Lett. 201315, 3978.

7.      Wei, Y.; Liang, F.*; Zhang, X. NBromoimide/DBU Combination as a New Strategy for Intermolecular Allylic Amination, Org. Lett. 201315, 5186.


Contact information:

Office: Room 220, Mingwei Building, Chongshan Campus, Liaoning University

Email: fsliang@lnu.edu.cn

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