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College of Chemistry
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2016-12-07 11:18  

ZHANG Lei , Ph.D. supervisor, a professor at School of Chemistry, Liaoning University, received B.S. and M.S. degrees in analytical chemistry in 1986 and 1989 respectively, both from Jilin Univeristy. She obtained her Ph.D in Materials Chemistry in 2003 at Institute of Metal Research, Academia Sinica, and completed the postdoctoral research in 2005 in Institute of Metal Research, Academia Sinica. The research interests include design, synthesis of nano-functional materials, modern separation and analysis technology, new materials for theconstruction of electrochemical biosensors and organic/inorganic pollutant degrading/removing. The main research achievements are as follows (Lei Zhang: corresponding author):

[1] Xueyan Liua, Dan Xua, Danfeng Zhang, Lei Zhang*Superior performance of

3D Co-Ni bimetallic oxides for catalytic degradation of organic dye, Applied

   Catalysis B: Environmental, 186 (2016) 193–203

[2] Danfeng Zhang, Qiong Wang, Lingling Wang, Lei Zhang*Magnetically

   separable CdFe2O4/graphene catalyst and its enhanced photocatalytic propertie,

   J. Mater. Chem. A, 246 (2015) 88–96

[3] L YangY HuQ WangY DongZhang*Ionic Liquid-Assisted

   Electrochemical Determination of Pyrimethanil Using Reduced Graphene Oxide    

   Conjugated to Flower-like NiCo2O4, Analytica Chimica Acta, 2016, 935:104-112

[4] Lingling Wang, Zhenzhen Zhang, Lei Zhang*, Magnetic solid-phase extraction      

   using nanoporous three dimensional graphene hybrid materials for high-capacity   

   enrichment and simultaneous detection of nine bisphenol analogs from water  

   sample, Journal of Chromatography A, 1463 (2016) 1–10

[5] Xueyan Liu, Shuai An, Yuejiao Wang, Qi Yang, Lei Zhang*, Rapid selective

   separation and recovery of a specific target dye from mixture consisted of

   different dyes by magnetic Ca-ferrites nanoparticles, Chemical Engineering

   Journal, 262 (2015) 517–526

[6] Jichun Yang, Yuanyuan Dong, Lingling Wang, Lei Zhang*Highly sensitive

   detection of faropenem using amino functionalized carbon nanotube modified

   electrode:Insight into the interaction of faropenem with human serum albumin,

   Sensors and Actuators B, 211 (2015) 59–66

[7] Lijun Yang, Yunyu Zhang, Xueyan Liu, Lei Zhang*, The investigation of

   synergistic and competitive interaction between dye Congo red and methyl blue

   on magnetic MnFe2O4, Chemical Engineering Journal, 246 (2014) 88–96

[8] Xueyan Liu, Shuai An, Wen Shi, Qi Yang, Lei Zhang*, Microwave-induced

   catalytic oxidation of malachite green undermagnetic Cu-ferrites: New insight into

   the degradationmechanism and pathway, pathway, Journal of Molecular

   Catalysis A: Chemical, 395 (2014) 243–250,

[9] Xin Wang, Jichun Yang, Yuejiao Wang, Lei Zhang*Studies on electrochemical

   oxidation of estrogenic disrupting compound bisphenol AF, J. Hazardous Mater,

   276 (2014) 105–111

[10] Lei Zhang*, Fang Pan, Xueyan Liu, Lijun Yang, Rapid Method for the

   Separation and Recovery of Endocrine Disrupting Compound Bisphenol AP from

   Wastewater, Langmuir, 29,2013 , 3968−3975


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